How to Install Konica Minolta Drivers on Windows 11/10

You can use Driver Booster app. Or, if you want to do it manually, you can find drivers on the official site then install them on Windows 11/10.

scan new driver for konica minolta printer

Konica Minolta is quite a popular Japanese manufacturing technology company that makes printers, cameras, and other electronic devices. But Konica Minolta is mostly popular for printers. If you’re looking for specific Konica Minolta drivers whatever the device is on Windows 11/10, read on for the complete guide.

Downloading and installing Konica Minolta drivers is easy, especially on Windows 11/10. Windows 11/10 has an easy way to install new drivers, from Windows Update or Device Manager for instance. But, if you want an easier process, you can use the Driver Booster app. Or, if you want it to be safe and want to do it manually, you can find drivers on the official site then install them on Windows 11/10.

We cover manual and Driver Booster methods, and you choose one of them to install the driver. Both can work pretty well.

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How to Download and Install Konica Minolta Drivers from Official Site

Konica Minolta has its official website which can help you find the specific drivers you want, depending on the PC you use and the version of Windows 11/10 you use.

Download Konica Minolta Drivers

Go to the website linked above. You can directly search the Konica Minolta drivers you want in Search your product text box. Or, you can choose the Konica Minolta product type and choose the product manually from the combo box on the right side.

install konica minolta driver manually

For instance, if you would like to find, download, and install Konica Minolta printer drivers, you can click on the printer model name.

choosing konica minolta driver in windows 10

Every time you choose something, the Konica Minolta website will reload and load you some information. Click + button to find out.

how to install konica minolta driver on windows 10

Installing Konica Minolta drivers require you to have set up file .exe first. You have to download it by clicking on the blue download button depending on the specification (version, release date, and what driver it is).

choose windows 10 compatibility

Then, you will have to check the automatic driver installer agreement. Click on the zip file at the bottom.

agree to download konica minolta driver

Then, the Konica Minolta is being downloaded on Windows 11/10.

downloading konica minolta driver on windows 10

Once the download is done, just extract the zip file. Click Extract all then a window would pop out.

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open konica minolta folder

Now, you will have to extract the Konica Minolta driver files. Choose a folder and then click Extract.

extracting cip konica minolta driver on windows 10

Now, for the next step, just click the setup.exe or setup64.exe depending on your Windows 11/10 architecture. Follow the next step as the guide in the app tells.

exe file of konica minolta driver on windows 10

That is how you install Konica Minolta drivers on Windows 11/10 manually.

How to Install Konica Minolta Drivers using Driver Booster

Driver Booster is one of the most popular driver updating tools for Windows 11/10 out there. It has many databases of hardware brand names and that probably includes your Konica Minolta printer or any kind of device.

To get Driver Booster, just download it here.

Install until done. Open the app. Click Scan to scan all drivers including Konica Minolta drivers.

lscan new driver for konica minolta printer

The scanning process of the drivers could take some minutes. Be patient.

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konica minolta scanning new konica minolta driver to download

Now, just choose Konica Minolta drivers to be installed if it exists.

konica minolta select driver to download

Click Update Now to start downloading and installing Konica Minolta drivers.

start downloading driver

You will get these notices. Just click OK.

install driver message

Then, the process of downloading Konica Minolta drivers stars.

downloading driver starts on windows 10

On the installation process, it would take more time than you might think.

installing driver stars

Now, the update and install process of Konica Minolta drivers is done. You just need to restart your PC to make the drivers work normally.

install konica minolta driver on windows 10 is done

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