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How to Install Monitor Drivers in Windows 10

starting to scan out to date monitor drivers in windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of many important features that can increase your productivity. Including a feature that lets you install drivers for any part of your device like monitor. That can be done by using Device Manager. But, it doesn’t help much because Windows 10 doesn’t have up-to-date database about your hardware’s drivers. You can’t install monitor drivers because of it.

Now, you can.

Monitor or display is a part of important hardware of your Windows 10 PC. If you use up-to-date Windows 10 version and build, you may have always been getting driver updates for your hardware. But unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t offer that kind of updates regularly, and sometimes you have to find to the website official of the hardware brand to get the driver, like monitor drivers.

Before jumping into the how you can install monitor drivers in Windows 10, you may should know why it is important to update that kind of driver.

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Why It Is Important to Install New Monitor Drivers and What to Expect

Installing monitor drivers is important because monitor needs to adapt with the operating system you’re using, and it needs to be updated because it may have security risk if you keep it out-of-date. For example, when you first time use Windows 10, you may have to install Intel HD Graphic drivers (if you use Intel) to make your Windows 10 able to use more screen resolution.

And, you have to know what to expect when you install monitor drivers. For most non-tech-savvy users, installing monitor drivers could mean that it will increase the speed of your monitor or so, which isn’t true. Updating monitor driver won’t speed up anything whatsoever because the speed or performance of your computer aren’t relying on your monitor.

But, you can have better graphic, more colors, more effect, and even graphic that doesn’t decrease your laptop’s battery life. Updating or installing monitor drivers is important especially if you’re gamer. Getting greater graphic and more FPS is amazing to play games.

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How to Update or Install Monitor Drivers in Windows 10

We would not offer you traditional way to update your monitor drivers, either from Device Manager or Windows Update.

But, you can install new monitor drivers in Windows 10 with easier tool, like Driver Booster.

Download Driver Booster

Download Driver Booster app from the link above. Then install the app until the finish step.

If you don’t know or aren’t sure to install the app, don’t worry. Read on.

To install Driver Booster app, just double click on the .exe file you’ve downloaded.

installing monitor drivers

Then, a pop up of Driver Booster setup file shown up. Click Run.

installing driver booster

Then, it is easier to install this app. Remember, don’t click the big red Install button. Just click Custom Install.

driver booster install

You have to choose the options because you choose Custom Install before. This will let you customize where you want to place the installation folder, whether you want desktop icon or not, or pinning the icon to Taskbar. Click Install.

choosing options when installing driver booster

Driver Booster is made by IOBit, the same company that made Advanced SystemCare. This is a kind of CCleaner app. If you don’t want this, just choose No, thanks. then click Next.

how to stop malware in driver booster

Now, we’re going in the process of installation. Installing Driver Booster may take some minutes.

another step when installing driver booster

After installation process, you will see this kind of offering. Just click No, thanks and then get back to update your drivers.

iobit newsletter offering skip when installing driver booster

Just click Scan Now. Driver Booster will then scan all of your device drivers including monitor drivers.

installation complete

Scanning process could take some minutes. Just be patient here.

driver booster scanning for drivers in windows 10

Now, it’s time to choose what kind of drivers you would like to install. To install monitor drivers, just find your display graphic card brand name and then check on it. For example, if you use Intel HD Graphic, just check Intel monitor drivers.

how to update monitor drivers

Now, you’re ready to update monitor drivers in Windows 10. Just click Update Now.

update all drivers in windows 10

You will see this message. Remember that you probably will have occasional network disconnection, temporary black screen or program crash. If the updating or installing process doesn’t work, you probably need to disable firewall or antivirus.

install monitor driver

Driver Booster will keep downloading those monitor drivers you have chosen. The speed of the download process could take more minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

choosing monitor driver

Now, when installing process, you will perhaps encounter some stuck. It’s fine. Because installing monitor drivers could require more stuff to be done than you might think, like creating restore point.

downloading monitor driver

This time, it is installing Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Processor Participant and more drivers.

installing monitor driver

This, is currently installing Intel(R) HD Graphics which is my display graphic card brand name.

installing monitor driver complete

Now, updating and installing monitor drivers are done. You have to restart your Windows 10 PC to get these drivers work normally.

how to install monitor drivers

Now you’ve learn how to install monitor drivers in Windows 10. If you encounter some problem or confusion while doing so, leave it in the comment below. I will reply.

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