Here’s How to Italicize on iPhone: Write Italics on iPhone Easily

how to italicize on iphone

iPhone has become one of the world’s most popular brand. It is often praised for its simplicity, aesthetic, and odd ideas. But, some of iPhone users still don’t understand almost anything about its features, including writing italics. Here’s how to italicize on iPhone and write italics easily without stress.

Writing in iPhone is a little or even radically different than writing in Android. This is because the keyboards work differently and sometimes in iPhone, you need to make a tweak do do basically a simple task, like doing italics.

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to write in italics. As a spoiler, it is not really that hard to italicize in iPhone, just needs a few taps.

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How to Italicize Text in iPhone’s Notes App

iPhone has its own note app called Notes which is synced to your iCloud account. Notes app allows you to write text in italics so you can point out the value of your writing differently.

To do this, open the Notes app. Now, write anything you want to italicize.

Once done, select the words you want to italicize by double tapping them. A menu will pop out to format your writing.

Choose BIU. Then simply choose Italic. 

Tada! Now your words in iPhone have been italicized.

Writing italics in iPhone is easy, right?

Here’s another alternative to italicize in iPhone: by using your own iPhone keyboard.

To do this, just simply select the words you want to italicize.

While the keyboard shows up, tap the Aa button in the keyboard then tap I. Finally, the words become italicized.

If you have done with the formatting, you can tap the X button to close the keyboard.

You can do this method in iPhone’s built-in apps, like Mail and Pages.

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Writing italics on iPhone isn’t that hard. All you need to do is to get used to iPhone keyboard and overall iOS interface. Italicize in iPhone can be done in iPhone’s built-in apps.

If you want to italicize on third-party apps like Facebook, the app itself should support italics as writing format.

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