How to Know Who Saved Your Number

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Interacting with others through phone doesn’t necessarily mean both participants should save each other numbers. This can make it difficult for you to know how good your relationship is. Here’s how to know who saved your number through WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

A phone number only is necessary to contact someone through WhatsApp and Signal. You can also contact someone through their Telegram username, giving more options to protect your privacy by hiding your phone number.

Current messaging apps markets don’t provide a solution for users to know whether their contact is saved on someone else’s phone for an obvious reason: privacy. But there are ways to at least get clues on whether your contact is saved or not.

Let’s take a look at how you can measure your intimacy in text messaging apps from the easiest way to the most difficult method.

How to know who saved your contact by just seeing your WhatsApp story tab

how to know who saved your number

This is not the most obvious method, but definitely the easiest one. WhatsApp only allows you to see someone else’s story when both of you and the participant saved each other’s contact.

If you did save theirs, but you have never seen their stories while they have never seen yours for days, weeks, or even months, your contact might not be saved by them.

Although anyone can now specify who can see their stories and mute whoever they want, this method might be enough to know who might have saved your contact in WhatsApp. But this isn’t necessarily accurate.

By sending a broadcast message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a broadcast feature letting you send messages to multiple people at once while appearing as an individual message to each recipient. But one thing that broadcast message has is it won’t get sent to anyone who doesn’t save your contact.

This makes it more effective and accurate to know who saved your number.

To do this, simply open the WhatsApp app.

Tap the vertical three dots button.


Tap the New broadcast button.

new broadcast

Here, choose anyone whom you want to know whether they saved your contact or not. Tap the checkmark button.

selecting broadcast

Send them messages. Once the message gets sent, see whether you get double checkmarks or not. If you get double checkmarks or blue double checkmarks, your contacts are saved by them.

sending message

There are some ways you can know who saved your contact on WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging apps. You can do these methods on Android and iPhone. While they’re not 100% accurate, at least you can reassure yourself about whether someone saved your number.

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