How To Leave a Discord Server on PC/Android/iPhone

Discord allows users to invite others into their server, but what if you want to leave one? Here’s how to leave a Discord server on PC, Android, or iPhone.

Not all Discord servers are interesting, and you might be only interacting most with very few Discord servers. You can simply leave those servers and stop interacting with any of the members.

How to leave a Discord server

On PC/web

Discord is available on PC and it has the web version as well. You can leave a server by accessing Discord web or opening its PC app, and then open the server you want to leave.

Select the downward arrow icon at the top. It will open a menu for that server.

how to leave a discord server

Here, select Leave server to finally leave that Discord server.

leave a server

You will see a message for confirmation. Select Leave server to confirm.

leave a server message

On Android/iPhone

Discord is also available on mobile, specifically Android and iPhone. You can leave a Discord server similarly. Open the Discord app, and select the hamburger button. Tap the three-dots button at the top, exactly at the right side of the server name.

how to leave a discord server on mobile

Here, scroll down a little and you will see a button saying Leave server. Select that button. You will get asked for confirmation. Select Leave server to confirm.

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Will anyone know that you left the Discord server?

If the Discord server is large enough, most members will probably not notice that you left. But if the server is set up to notify a member leaving through a bot, someone might know that you left. So, you can’t really leave a Discord server without anyone knowing.

Leaving a Discord server can be done very easily on a PC or mobile. Now, you won’t see the server you left, as well as its channels.

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