How To Link Instagram To Facebook To Post on Both Social Media

Instagram and Facebook can be linked together. You can link to pages, profiles, groups, and even business manager. Here's how to link Instagram to Facebook.

How To Link Instagram To Facebook To Post on Both Social Media

Instagram is owned by Facebook.If you run online business, you can use both for the digital marketing strategy of your business.You can also link them so that you run these two social media apps easily to posts and gain more audience.

Here's how to link Instagram to Facebook. Instagram mainly has other social media service you can connect to, not just to Facebook.However, these two can complete the other in a way that has been made possible by Facebook. You can automatically post to Facebook after you post the same picture in Instagram.You can gain more customers, building brand awareness, and creating sales lead.

The advertising systems on Facebook and Instagram are the same, making it possible to reach the same customer with the same ad twice. There are many more benefits you can get if you're experienced enough in digital marketing.But now let's move to the tutorial.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook Page/Personal Profile

Instagram lets you connect or link to Facebook.The good side is that you can make it easy to post to Facebook without having to open the app and manually post the same picture. The bad side is that you can only choose whether you want to link Instagram to Facebook page or personal profile.

You can't choose to link to both. If you want to connect Instagram with Facebook, go to the Settings though the hamburger button on your profile page.Tap Settings. how to link instagram to facebook Now, tap Account.You will see a list of settings you can change about your Instagram account, including seeing post you've liked.  Tap Linked Accounts to link Instagram to Facebook page or profile. how to link instagram with facebook Tap Facebook.

Instagram will ask you to login to your Facebook account. how to link facebook and instagram Once you login, tap Continue as (your Facebook name) to connect Instagram to your Facebook account.Instagram will also ask whether you want to enable Facebook Sharing feature.You can choose Start Sharing to Facebook if you want to post the same thing on both platforms. instagram and facebook Now that Instagram has been linked to your Facebook account, tap Facebook again to decide whether you want to link Instagram to Facebook page or profile.

Tap Continue as (your Facebook name). facebook has been linked to instagram Now, your Facebook profile and pages will show up here.To choose to link Instagram to Facebook business page, just tap the name of your page here.You can also manage whether you want to share story to Facebook or not. link instagram with facebook page, business page That's it.

It is easy to connect Instagram with Facebook. If you want to stop connecting to both platforms, you can choose to unlink Instagram from Facebook by tapping Unlink.

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How to Connect Instagram with Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that lets you to manage your company's ad accounts, pages, catalog, and also Instagram account in one place.You can add or connect Instagram to Facebook Business Manager easily by doing this method. However, there are some requirements need before you link Instagram to Facebook Business Manager:
  • Make sure you know your Instagram password and username.
  • Your Instagram must be a business account.You can switch easily from the Settings menu.
  • The Instagram account can't be owned by other business manager.
  • The only one that can link Instagram to Business Manager is admin.
  • If your Instagram linked to Facebook page using the first method in this tutorial, you have to connect Facebook page and Instagram to the same Business Manager.
Here's how to link Instagram to Business Manager: Go the Business Settings page. Click Accounts.

Click Instagram Account.Click Add. Now, login to the Instagram account you want to link. Next, choose Facebook page and ad accounts you want to link, too.Click Next.

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How to Link Instagram to Facebook Group by Using Zapier

Instagram unfortunately doesn't allow you to link Instagram to Facebook group.

There are many reasons about this.But, that doesn't mean we can't link to Facebook group in the future. The reason why Facebook doesn't make this possible is because anyone can create Facebook group.This mean the value of the group is lower than a Facebook page because page is valuable stuff to most businesses using Facebook to advertise. It isn't still possible to advertise using group.

That's why you can't connect Instagram to Facebook group. But, there's another alternative; use Zapier. Zapier is online automation tool that can connect different services to do something automatically.For example, if you want to automatically share newest blog post to Facebook profile, you can.The same thing if you want to post automatically the same stuff from your Instagram account to Facebook group. This is amazing for people who want to promote their Instagram account to the group.

To do this, simply login to Zapier.If you don't have the account, create a new one for free. link instagram to facebook group using zapier First, let's choose Instagram as the one you want to connect from.Then, choose Facebook Group as the one you want to connect to.

If you don't see "Facebook Group", you can go this link. publish instagram post to facebook group Tap Try It to link Instagram to Facebook group.You'll have to sign in to your Instagram account. automatically post to facebook group from instagram Tap Authorize.A success message will appear.

Click the link in the success page. instagram has been connected with facebook group Now, scroll down a little bit, Tap the Share new Instagram photos to Facebook groups panel. connect instagram with facebook Tap the second panel "Post Photo in Facebook Groups".Login with your Facebook account.Tap Continue as (your Facebook name). looking for facebook account to connect with instagram Choose OK.

Then, choose which group you want to post automatically to. post to facebook business page from instagram You can also choose groups you don't own. choosing facebook group to post from instagram Follow the next instruction until you can finally test the next Instagram picture you post will automatically be posted in the Facebook group.

Instagram provides a simple way to link to a Facebook page or profile.Facebook also allows you to link Instagram to the Business Manager.You can link Instagram to Facebook group easily using Zapier, the automation service. If you want to stop the automation, you can remove the service in the Zapier dashboard.
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