Here’s How to Link Twitter and Facebook Effectively (2021)

connect instagram to facebook and to twitter at the same time

Just like other platforms or services, you can also link Twitter and Facebook. While it is not impossible to do so, linking both social media isn’t pretty easy to do. Especially Facebook has banned itself to link to Twitter using Here’s how to link Twitter and Facebook, and possible many other social media at the same time like Instagram.

Long before this ban happened, people can actually post from Facebook to Twitter and vice versa. This makes it really productive if you use both Facebook and Twitter for your business or career that you need to link Twitter and Facebook pretty much easily.

Once the ban happened, people can’t cross-posting between Twitter and Facebook anymore. You can’t post from Twitter to Facebook, or certainly anything that links between both social media anymore. Because of that ban, now Twitter add warning to its official How to use Twitter with Facebook page:

Important: A recent update to the Facebook Platform Policies ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to your Facebook profile or page.

That sucks, right?

Well, it certainly isn’t that bad if you know how to link Twitter and Facebook another way. I mean, better way!

How to Link Twitter and Facebook using IFTTT

IFTTT is third-party service that can connect between apps, services, social media, and more. You can basically use IFTTT to link Twitter to Facebook and vice versa, with additional linking to Instagram and even a lot more social media you can connect at the same time.

This is a great tool for many influencers, bloggers, social media agency, online businesses, or any one else who really want to cross-posting between Twitter and Facebook basically in every way. If you’re an individual, you can use Twitter to make money.

Not only can you link Twitter and Facebook to cross-posting, but also do something in both platforms that is triggered with an action you do in one platform.

For example, you can change Twitter photo profile automatically after you change your Facebook photo profile with same picture.

To link these social media apps, you have to download the app first.

Download IFTTT for Android

Download IFTTT for iPhone

Once you download the app, open it and signing in with your account. If you don’t have one, you can create a new one pretty easily.

Now choose Get More to choose which service you want to connect.

ifttt screen to post from twitter to facebook

Now, search for Twitter. Tap Twitter in the search result.

searching twitter app to post from facebook to twitter

Search for an applet. An applet is the thing that link Twitter and Facebook. It is composed of triggers and actions, and they’re all different there. You can choose between triggers and actions pretty much anything.

Once you find one, tap it and tap Connect.

You will now need to authorize IFTTT to access both your Twitter and Facebook.

allow twitter to use facebook

When you have successfully authorized IFTTT to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the applet will change automatically from Disconnected to Connected.

If you still want to learn more, read on.

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An Example: How to Connect Facebook to Twitter for Cross-Posting

You can choose many triggers and actions you want to use. On the mobile app of IFTTT, you can use choose Facebook at the front page. Tap Get more to see more applets of Facebook, which eventually will link to your Twitter account.

how to fix facebook can't post to twitter

Now, while you can choose different kind of triggers and actions, you probably want more to cross-posting between Twitter and Facebook. Look for “FB Status Update to Twitter”, or basically any applets that link between the two. Tap Connect.

post fb status to twitter easily using ifttt

If you’ve authorized IFTTT to link Twitter and Facebook, you will see the button will turn automatically to “Connected”. You can tap the gear icon to change the setting of your applet. You can also turn notification everything a FB status is posted on Twitter.

connect facebook to twitter

To unlink Twitter from Facebook on this applet, you can tap Delete. Then, tap Delete to confirm.

unlink facebook from twitter and vice versa

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook Page

Facebook page has its own section at the front page. If you don’t have one, search by tapping Get more, then search Facebook page. If you have already, tap Get more.

link facebook page to twitter

Now, you can basically link Facebook page to any social media as many as you want. Including to Twitter. You can even link the two with Instagram, too, at the same time.

post instagram photo or video to twitter and facebook at the same time

I’ve found an applet that allows my Instagram account to post Instagram photos to Facebook page and Twitter. Tap Connect, and make changes to the settings. Tap Done.

how to link instagram and facebook and twitter

The applet will turn automatically to “Connected”, meaning my Instagram account will automatically post picture to Twitter and Facebook after I upload a new picture.

connect instagram to facebook and to twitter at the same time

How to Find More Applets or Create Your Own to Do More with Twitter and Facebook

You can do more with Twitter and Facebook using more applets. You probably wouldn’t find more applets on IFTTT mobile app. But, you can by using its desktop browser version.

Visit the website, login with your account, and start linking Twitter and Facebook with more applets.

You can also create your own pretty easily if you want.

It turns out that linking Twitter and Facebook isn’t so hard. Now we have an app that can do all together at the same time. This is amazing and can save a lot of times, without you using both social media and posting the same picture manually.

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  1. The only issue with this is that it has to be done on a phone. What about those of us who don’t use FB or Twitter or want them on our phones, but still want it on our computers?

    1. You can also do this on your computer. IFTTT can also be accessed through your PC’s browser, just as easy as on the mobile app.

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