Simplest Way on How to Logout of Amazon App, Website, Android, & iPhone

confirm sign out amazon on android and iphone (also ipad)

Amazon is available across platforms. You can use Amazon in the website on PC, in mobile browser, in mobile device as an app (Android, iPhone, iPad). However, Amazon make users to keep signed in even if you close the app or turn off your device. Here’s how to logout of Amazon on all devices.

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplace in the world. It has nice app that is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can also use Amazon on the website in your PC or phone browser. When you signed in, your account will kept signed in, except you logout of it yourself.

You see, Amazon you the same method just like any other service/app. They want the users to access Amazon very easily, without having to login every time you need to buy something online. Having Amazon account is also essential to keep your data, like order history and browsing history which you can remove or keep.

If you’re new using Amazon, you might be wondering, how do I logout of Amazon? Well, you may think it isn’t easy to logout of Amazon. But it actually is easy.

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Why You May or May Not Need to Logout of Amazon

Logout option is very crucial for many people, especially Amazon users. Some people still use computer that is also used by others. That can be really dangerous if you forget to logout after every time you’ve done shopping in Amazon.

You see, letting your Amazon account signed in forever in a public device can increase risk your account getting hacked. Your personal information, especially about your credit card or any other financial information, can be leaked very easily.

Some browsers like Google Chrome has its own password manager, letting you to save password in Chrome and keep all your website accounts signed in automatically when you visit the website. Including Amazon.

That feature can be useful. But some people don’t use it especially people who use public computer. You have to logout of Amazon after you’ve logged in right away.

But, how?

How to Logout of Amazon App in Android & iPhone

Amazon app in Android and iPhone have almost the same interfaces. Amazon provide a simple method for users to logout of their platform. You can logout of Amazon and login again in just few taps.

Download Amazon App for Android

Download Amazon App for iPhone

To do this, open your Amazon app. Tap the hamburger button at the left-top of your screen.

how to logout of amazon

Now, tap Settings. Tap Sign Out to logout of Amazon app in Android and iPhone simply.

how to sign out amazon

Amazon will then ask you to confirm. Tap Sign out to confirm.

confirm sign out amazon on android and iphone (also ipad)

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You will be redirected to login page, which means you’ve successfully logged out of Amazon app.

But, how about Amazon on mobile browser?

How to Sign Out of Amazon Mobile Browser

Amazon provide very simple interface on the mobile browser. It is really responsive and easy to use. Including to sign out of Amazon mobile browser. You can do this in all browser and any Android or iPhone.

To sign out of Amazon, visit Amazon website on your mobile phone. You will see a hamburger button at the top-left. Tap it. Scroll down a little bit.

how to logout from amazon mobile browser

You will see Sign Out button immediately. Tap it to sign out of Amazon mobile browser. You will be redirected to the login form again.

amazon account has been signed out

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You’ve successfully signed out of Amazon website on mobile browser. But, how about Amazon on PC?

How to Logout of Amazon on Website in PC/Mac

Amazon has more features visible on its website in PC. You can access everything about your Amazon account and shop very easily here. You can also logout of Amazon website in just one click.

To do this, open Amazon website in your PC browser. Hover your mouse on Account & Lists. Then click Sign out at the bottom.

logout of amazon in pc mac

You will be redirected to login form. That means, you’ve logged out of your Amazon account very easily and quickly.

amazon in pc and mac has been logged out

Amazon, as one of the most popular marketplace provide easy button to log out anytime you want, and on any device you want. You can sign out of Amazon app on Android, iPhone, and iPad; also the Amazon website on mobile browser and PC browser.

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