How to Make a Pie Chart in Google Sheets Quickly

Sometimes, you need a chart to represent data in simple ways. Here’s how to make a pie chart in Google Sheets, stylize it, and download it.

pie chart

Sometimes you have to use visuals to interpret data easier, like using a pie chart. Here’s how to make a pie chart in Google Sheets.

A chart is one of the most useful ways to interpret complicated data, and people prefer a pie chart because it’s easier to understand to see what percentage things are compared to other things when you combine their values together as a complete (100%) pie.

In a pie chart, each slice represents a label of stuff and the size of that slice represents what percentage it is from a single pie. People usually color them differently and stylize other things to distinguish each slice from another easily.

When you want to compare the proportions of several things, like just 5 things, making a pie chart is the best way to show your data.

If you have more than five, a bar chart is probably the best way to go instead of a pie chart, since the pie chart’s slices will get smaller the more you have things to compare, making the pie chart more difficult to read and comprehend.

Most spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets has a chart maker, including a pie chart maker. Making one is easy and only takes a few minutes. Including stylizing it.

How to make a pie chart in Google Sheets

It’s obvious. First, you have to prepare the data that contains the label/category and the value of it. For example, this one has some grocery stuff to buy with the amount of each on the next column.

how to make a pie chart in google sheets

To create a pie chart, simply select the range of cells containing that data, including the row header, which will also show on the pie chart. Then, click Insert, and select Chart to add a pie chart.

insert menu in google sheets

You’ll immediately see the chart after that. If your Google Sheets happens to make another type of chart other than a pie chart, you can change it into a pie chart through the Chart editor > Setup > Chart type. Select the pie chart to make one.

chart editor google sheets

Here, the pie chart has been made and it looks really simple. Don’t worry, Google Sheets has some options that let you change the style of the pie chart you’ve made.

pie chart

How to edit or stylize the pie chart in Google Sheets

Editing a pie chart in Google Sheets can be done easily. This allows you to change the slice background color, font, border, title, and more.

To edit one, click the pie chart and select the three dots button at the corner. Select Edit chart.

edit a pie chart in google sheets

Here, you can change the chart type, the data range, label, value, whether you want to use the first row as the header, and whether you want to use the first column as the label.

editing a pie chart

You can also remove a label from the chart, or adding more. Click the three dots button, and then click Remove.

remove label or value in a pie chart

On the right side, you can select Customize > Chart style to change the general style of the pie chart.

edit pie chart style easily

Here, you can change the background color, chart border, color, and font. You can also set it to maximize to show a larger pie chart or 3D to make it 3D.

chart style background color

On the Pie Slice option, you can customize the style of each pie slice on the chart. You can change the color, and the distance.

change color in pie slice

There are many colors available to choose from. You can also create a custom one by clicking the plus button inside the Custom section.

change color

Here, put the Hex color code or manually select the color from the slider. Click OK to save.

put hex color

Other than that, you can also change the chart and axis titles, and how they show. You can change the font, font size, format, and text color.

change pie chart title

How to download a pie chart from Google Sheets

If you want to save the pie chart as a picture, you can download it directly from Google Sheets instead of manually take a screenshot of it.

Select the pie chart, click the three dots button, and click Download. Choose which format you want to save the pie chart as. You can choose PNG, PDF, or SVG format.

download a pie chart as a picture in google sheets

Google Sheets is free and it provides a simple way to make a pie chart, change the style, and more. Now your data can be shown pretty well with a pie chart to make it easy to understand.

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