Complete Guide on How to Make a Twitter Thread

Twitter has a thread feature. Thread a series of tweets made by the same person that is mostly published at the same time. Here’s how to make a Twitter thread, the easiest way.

Twitter is a text-based social networking site that works almost like SMS. It’s simple, yet engaging at the same time. But it has 280 characters limit that prevents users from reading or making a very long tweet. The Twitter thread feature has come as the savior.

Some people, sometimes just want to write a long tweet. But how? The Twitter thread allows you to create multiple tweets at the same time that replies to the previous tweet you made.

The Twitter thread can be used for text tweets, media, and including the voice tweet.

You can do this both in Android and iPhone apps.

How to Make a Twitter Thread on Twitter

Simply open the Twitter app. Then tap the Compose button at the bottom.

how to make a twitter thread

First, you can write the first tweet for your thread. Instead of tapping Tweet to publish, you can tap the + button at the bottom to add more tweets combined as a thread.

twitter thread tutorial

Now, “Add another Tweet” text comes out. You can then write the next tweet for the Twitter thread you want to make.

create multiple tweets at the same time

You can keep creating more tweets for the thread by tapping the + button. Once all the tweets are ready to be published, simply tap the Tweet All button.

tweet all button

How to Add More Tweets in a Thread That’s Already Published

If you missed some tweets you wanted to send but the thread has been sent to your followers, don’t panic. You can add more tweets by reading your thread, then tap Add another Tweet at the bottom.

add another tweet button

Now, begin writing a new tweet/replies for the thread you previously made.

continue thread

How to Continue Thread from Any Tweet

Twitter amazingly allows you to continue thread you’ve previously made or any tweets you’ve sent out to your followers. You don’t have to always read the thread first and manually tapping Add more tweet button.

You can do this on your Twitter feed.

Simply tap the Compose button. Then scroll down. You will see your previous tweets at the top.

selecting previous tweet

To continue the thread, or simply just reply to the tweet, just tap Continue thread.

how to continue thread on twitter

You can tap the meatballs menu (three dots button) to find a different tweet. This is really useful if you want to reply or continue the thread without having to open your profile first.

how to add another tweet

Finally, you can tap Tweet to send the tweet to your follower now, or tap Remove to cancel and change to another tweet you want to reply/continue the thread from.

thread has been created on twitter

Twitter simplicity is the thing that makes it popular. You can send multiple tweets at the same time, without having to manually reply to each tweet anymore. The Twitter thread feature can be used in Android and iPhone.

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