How to Make a YouTube Playlist Private in Browser & App

YouTube has a playlist feature that allows you to set different privacy settings. Here’s how to make a YouTube playlist private in desktop and mobile.

edit play list

YouTube has a playlist feature that allows users to save a list of favorite videos by category, or by anything else that indicates what the list is all about. By default, the playlists are public. Here’s how to make a YouTube playlist private in browser and app.

YouTube playlists are important features but setting them public can bother you and make your playlists publicly available for anyone else on the internet. Public YouTube playlists can be shared, watched, and seen directly in your YouTube profile. Private playlists can’t be.

That’s why private YouTube playlists are the only solution to most people’s problems when it comes to saving YouTube videos in their profile without anyone able to see them.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist Private in Desktop Browser

If you have a Mac, Windows 10 PC, or else, you can make a YouTube playlist private simply in the browser. In Chrome, you can also enjoy Chrome’s dark theme. YouTube also has its own dark theme, too.

Now head to YouTube’s homepage and click any playlist available on the left pane.

how to make a youtube playlist private

Click Public to make the playlist private and available for yourself.

public youtube playlist

Choose Private.

make a youtube playlist private

When “Private” is chosen, the playlist is now set to be private which means it can’t be seen by anyone else. The playlist will not be able to be seen even if someone else has the link.

youtube playlist has been made private

How to Create a New Private Playlist on YouTube (Desktop)

Creating a new private playlist can be done easily. By default, the choice that is set is Public, which takes a little more effort to make it private again.

Simply click Save on the video you want to save in a private playlist which you will create.

creating a new private youtube playlist

Click Create new playlist.

how to make a youtube playlist

Set a name for the playlist. Now set the privacy setting for the playlist. Choose Private. Click Create when done.

create private playlist

How to Change a Public Playlist into Private in YouTube App

YouTube mobile app provides the same features on the desktop. Including to make a YouTube playlist private.

Now open the app. Tap Library.

make public youtube playlist private in android and iphone

Now open the playlist you want to turn into private.

palylist in youtube app

Tap the Edit button next to the Download button.

play list

On Privacy, simply click Private. Tap the Send button located at the top-right corner.

edit play list

How to Create a New Private Playlist in YouTube Mobile App

Open which video you want to save in a new private playlist. Tap Save.

creating anew private playlist on youtube mobile app

Choose which playlist if you want to save it to an already made playlist. Tap New playlist to save it to a new one.

youtube mobile app

Enter the title of the playlist. Then set Private as its Privacy setting. Tap Create.

creating playlist

How to Share a Private YouTube Playlist

You don’t. Private YouTube playlists can’t be shared. To share a playlist without anyone else can see it directly from your YouTube profile, you have to set the Privacy setting as “Unlisted”.

This allows you to share with better privacy despite you want it to be shared for a specific person through the link. Keep in mind when you share the playlist, anyone else who has the link can also see it.

YouTube has a nice feature. The playlist can be set with different privacy settings which are good for people who want them to be seen by anyone, anyone from a link, or not seen at all.

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