How to Make GIF for Instagram Story to Increase Brand

Instagram has been used by over a billions of monthly active users across the globe. Instagram has been developed with new features. But, despite the improvement of Instagram, most people still don’t know about the app itself. Including about GIF for Instagram. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to make GIF for Instagram.

GIF itself has been popular in the internet for long time. Most of its function is for memes. But now Instagram users and brands often use their own GIF to make their profile or brand a little more catchy for their audience or follower. Especially when businesses use multiple Instagram accounts.

GIF in Instagram stories and posts can make your brands more unique and personalized. It is really can be a key to your social media marketing strategy to gain more and even better audiences that are more likely to stay with your brand.

More than that, businesses can also use the GIF and put it on your specific Instagram call-to-action stories, including swipe-up the URL you share.

This is enough to say that Instagram stories GIF can do more than just drawing attention. It is a part of your entire marketing strategy, increasing brand awareness of your audiences, and telling stories. You can also download someone’s Instagram stories that are private, and also DM someone on Instagram PC.

Here’s how to make GIF for Instagram stories using some apps that are easy to use.

How to Make GIF for Instagram: Using GIPHY Cam App

There’s an app to create a GIF for Instagram story. You can use GIPHY Cam, which is made by GHIPY the popular website of GIF. You can use the app to make GIF for Instagram easily.

To do this, download GIPHY Cam from the Play Store. Install the app until it’s done.

Open the app. Then, you can tap-long the record button. Once you’ve recorded, you can add more effects, frames, and stickers into the GIF.

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Now, to save the GIF, you can tap Save GIF. It will save the GIF as the file you want to see on Instagram story.

instagram create gif

Now, you’ll see this status that says Saved!.

This means the GIF has been successfully created. Now, you can upload the GIF to GIPHY, and then share that GIF to Instagram story.

gif has been created for instagram

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How to Make GIF for Instagram Stories: using GIFme App

There’s an another app you can use to create GIF for Instagram story. It is available for Android and free to use. If you want to share GIF in Instagram, you have to create it first using this method. Here’s how to make a GIF for Instagram stories.

First, download GIFme app from Play Store. Install the app until it’s done.

Now, you need to open the app. The easiest way to create a GIF for Instagram story is by converting video (MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV) into GIF format.

To do that, just tap Video. Then browse the video you already have. Click OPEN to convert the video into GIF format.

how to make a gif for instagram

Now, the app offers you option to set the duration of GIF, frame rate, frame count, and size of the GIF. Once done, you can tap Create to convert the video into Instagram story’s GIF.

how to make gif for instagram

That’s it. Now you’ve a GIF you can upload to Instagram.

You’ve created a GIF, successfully from two apps. Some people may not know how simple it is to make GIF for Instagram. Well, it is actually easy. The hard part is when you want to upload it to Instagram story. But it’s another story we can talk about.

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