Here’s How to Make Money on Twitter, Monetize Your Account, & More

how to make money on twitter by using affiliate

Twitter is one of the most popular social media with about 300 millions of monthly active users. Just like other social media, you can also monetize Twitter pretty easily if you’re being patience enough. Here’s how to make money on Twitter, monetizing your social media account and other strategy to grow your Twitter account.

Twitter is kind of unique. It is mostly different than most social media simply because the content you’re creating is basically a tweet. When you really think about it, Twitter is like wide comment section of all social media making it really popular to send news, tell stories, share opinions, and also send internet memes.

This uniqueness doesn’t limit Twitter to allow users to monetize their Twitter account. Just like YouTube, you can make money on Twitter easily by monetizing your video, which is mainly called “media” on Twitter.

Facebook does the same thing, too. The only social media where you can’t monetize video is probably Instagram (on IGTV videos), which will happen in the future but it is currently on development.

Twitter makes it unique to monetize but that doesn’t limit you from making money on Twitter in any other way. There are other ways, too, you can do to make money simply using these strategies.

How to Make Money on Twitter by Monetizing Your Video

Meanwhile the method to make money from Twitter is simple: by creating video, the process can be more complicated.

Prepare Your Twitter Ads Account

There are some restrictions to some Twitter users from creating ads or monetizing their video. Even if you’re not an advertiser, you should follow the same rules to monetize your video on Twitter because you need Twitter Ads account to access the monetization feature:

  • Your Twitter account isn’t new. If your account is still new, your account should be reviewed to have Twitter Ads account.
  • Your Twitter account should be public.
  • Your Twitter account should be alive, meaning your account isn’t deactivated or suspended.
  • Having a good profile and header photos that are original, not GIF or memes.
  • Having live URL in your bio, which will be your website.

If you’re ready, you can go to Twitter Ads and start signing in with your Twitter account. You should be able to signing in and if you aren’t, your account may not be eligible to have Twitter Ads account.

Once you have Twitter Ads account, you can click Creatives tab. Then click Media.

You will be able to access Twitter Media Studio. Now, you will see Library, and you can see all your videos, GIF, images, and media you tweeted in the past. You can see specific Library media by using the filter: All media, Tweeted, Not tweeted, Videos, Images, GIFs.

How to Enable Monetization So You Can Make Money Off Twitter as Soon as Possible

Before monetizing a video, you have to enable monetization first on Twitter. This can be easily done at Media Studio Library.

Just click Monetization at the top menu. Click Account info.

Now, you need to fill your address, payment method, and tax forms. Once done, click Done.

How to Monetize Twitter Video in Media Studio Library

Once you get access to your Twitter Media Studio Library, you can monetize any video you want to make money from. To do this, just simply click the video you want to monetize.

Click on the Settings. Click Monetize this video.

You can then choose ad category you want to show in the video. Make sure its relevan to gain more engagement. You can choose them in “Tag your content”.

How to View Your Earnings in Twitter

If you think your video has enough views and has been monetized for some days, you might want to see the revenue you’ve made off that video.

To do this, simply go to Media Studio Library on Twitter. View the video, then click More analytics.

Now, filter the result by choosing the date range. You will see your estimated earning of that video below it.

Other Ways to Monetize Twitter Account

If you’re not able to have Twitter Ads account, access your Media Studio Library, or create a good video to monetize from, you can use other ways to make money with Twitter.

Just other social media platforms, you can also do these things to make money online especially if you run business. You can use social media like Twitter to promote, gain customers, expand brand awareness, and more.

Gain More Follower on Twitter First

The first thing you need to do to monetize your Twitter account is by growing your follower. While the strategy to do this is pretty much all the same like other social media, the execution part is a lot harder.

Gaining more follower on Twitter is simple: just be socially active on Twitter. Social media is called “social media” because it is a social platform. It’s a way to connect to many people, globally, and not just posting memes.

Gary Vaynerchuck has his own strategy to get more follower on Twitter, so you can make money out of it. You can also look up to other social media guru who give the latest strategy on keep surviving in social media where the algorithm is always changing.

If you have website, you can gain more follower by putting Follow button on your website pretty much easily.

Use SponsoredTweets and PaidPerTweets to Make Money on Twitter for Anyone

how to make money on twitter by using affiliate

Anyone can pretty easily make money on Twitter by using SponsoredTweets and PaidPerTweets. Both tools allow you to monetize your follower and if you have a lot of follower, you can make a lot of money.

SponsoredTweets works by letting you to make money by tweeting on Twitter, which is pretty easy to do. You will be tweeting tweets from companies who advertise using non-Twitter way by asking users to tweet directly instead of putting ads on Twitter.

PaidPerTweets is another thing. It works by letting companies to search for Twitter users, from new users to the most popular users to purchase sponsored tweets by individuals.

You can use the first one to make more money using Twitter if you’re an ordinary person. If you don’t want to use that, you can also do these other things to monetize in different ways. Or, connect Twitter to Facebook to cross-posting.

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Promote Your Products or Other’s (Affiliate) using Twitter

how to monetize twitter from video

On the internet, promoting affiliate products is a popular method to make more money. If you website, you can that. If you have social media account like Twitter, you can also do that. You don’t have to be really popular on Twitter or become an influencer only to make money by promoting products.

How affiliate works? Affiliate works by registering yourself to a company which allow someone to affiliate their products. Then you will get commission when your visitor or your Twitter follower buy the products.

You can use these tools to start promoting products and make more money:

If you don’t want, you can also sell your own products on Twitter pretty much the same way. But just keep in mind, don’t overdo it simply because your follower might get bored or even unfollow you.

It’s easy to monetize on Twitter to earn more money. Especially if you’re an individual. If you’re patience enough to do all these above you can become successful by just doing that while keep growing your revenue and your popularity.

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