How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

By default, anyone can see your Pinterest profile, boards, and pins, Here's how to make your Pinterest account private to protect more of your privacy.

How To Make Your Pinterest Account Private

You may use Pinterest regularly for a variety of reasons, such as getting ideas for projects and recipes.Unfortunately, by default, Pinterest sets your account as public.This means that anyone who visits your profile can see all of the pictures that you have pinned, as well as all of your boards. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can learn how to make your Pinterest account private so that only you can see your pins and boards.

You can also set specific boards private so that all pins inside of them are hidden from anyone but you.

How do I make my Pinterest account private?

Unfortunately, Pinterest does not offer a way to make your account private, as Instagram does.However, you can make your boards and pins private by using the secret board feature. You can also stop your Pinterest account from being visible on search engines, such as Google, which can be helpful if you want to stop people from finding your Pinterest account from Google. This post will talk about the detailed steps, and you can apply them on the Pinterest app on Android, iPhone, and the web.

Make your boards and pins inside private

There is a board on Pinterest called "All Pins".This board contains every pin that you have saved on Pinterest.

You can hide this board, but the other boards you have created on your profile will still be visible unless you hide them manually. You can hide other boards by keeping them secret.This post provides the steps to do both. Here's how to make your boards private:

  1. Open Pinterest and go to your profile.
  2. Then, click on the "Sort by" button above your boards.
  3. In the menu that appears, select "Manage visibility."
  4. Here, you can hide "All Pins" board so they're not visible to others by setting the toggle switch off for "Show All Pins".manage visibility on pinterest
  5. Keep in mind that others can still see other boards that are not secret.If you have to hide them, you have to keep those boards secret.

Here's how to make a Pinterest board private by making it secret:

  1. Open Pinterest and open the board you want to hide.
  2. Select the "Sort by" button above the pins on that board.
  3. Select "Edit board".
  4. Here, you can hide the board and the entire pins inside that board by setting the toggle on for "Keep this board secret".keep this board secret on pinterest
  5. This applies to the current board.

    If you want to hide all boards, you have to repeat this for your other boards.

Disable the search engine visibility

You can disable the search engine visibility by enabling the "Search privacy" on Pinterest.Doing this will remove your Pinterest profile but people can still search you through the Pinterest search feature. Here's how to stop your account from being shown on the search engine:

  1. Open Pinterest.
  2. Open your profile.
  3. Select the three-dots button at the top.
  4. A menu will appear.Select "Settings".
  5. Select "Privacy and data".privacy and data on pinterest
  6. Set the toggle on for the "Search privacy" toggle privacy on pinterest

Your Pinterest account now only displays boards and pins that you want to show.If you disable the search engine visibility, your account should be removed from search engine results within a few days. You can safely explore everything Pinterest has to offer without worrying that your pins and account are easily accessible to anyone.If you want to protect more of your privacy, you can also delete your Pinterest data.
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