How to Make, Share, Upload WhatsApp Status Video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram

how to share whatsapp video status

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. When you find one funny or inspiring YouTube videos, you may want to share it with your friends through WhatsApp. In this article, you will learn many different ways you can make, share, upload online videos to your WhatsApp as status videos.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging tool on this planet. But only a few users would understand its features, especially a new user. Including about uploading or putting status updates and sharing them to your friends. Which aren’t really something new, but it’s new if you’re new into WhatsApp.

In this blog, we have written many tutorials and tips tricks about WhatsApp. From choosing the best sticker pack app to maximizing your WhatsApp Web client experience. We’ve covered everything including sharing or making WhatsApp status/story.

There are many ways you can share or make online videos to your WhatsApp status/story. You can choose one of these ways or do all nonetheless.

How to Make and Upload WhatsApp Status Video

The first step toward making or uploading WhatsApp status video is by actually and directly upload them from your WhatsApp app. It’s so easy and simple.

Open WhatsApp.

Swipe right onto the story/status tab. You will see list of your friends’ status/story updates right here.

To make yours, especially a video one inside it, you can tap camera button on the corner.

WhatsApp now lets you choose any media file you want to upload, whether it would be picture or videos you’ve saved or downloaded.

Choose that video. Then WhatsApp will let you to make some kind of decoration or simple editing like adding text, emoji, or even a slight of a highlight (you can choose the color of the highlight). This feature also available when you try to upload a picture as WhatsApp status.

upload whatsapp video

Let’s try to add some kind of highlight. Tap that highlight button and choose the color.edit whatsapp video

Let’s try to add any text. Tap the text button on the top of your screen then start typing.

If you want to add emojis, tap the emoji button on the top of your screen then choose any emoji.

Don’t forget to write some kind of caption. Once you’re done making WhatsApp status video, now upload it by tapping the green Send button.

WhatsApp will notify you that the video is being uploaded on the notification center. Once the upload process of the video is done, you will see Just now label on your WhatsApp status.

how to share whatsapp video status

That is how you can make WhatsApp status video directly from WhatsApp. But how about choosing from gallery?

It has different route but same destination. Just open gallery app and look out of videos. Select it and tap the Share button.

tap share button

You will see list of apps you would like to share the video to. Swipe until you see WhatsApp.

whatsapp video share from gallery

Tap the WhatsApp icon to share that video from gallery to WhatsApp.

Now, the WhatsApp will show you the same process slightly editing tools. You can add some text, emoji, etc here. Once done, tap the green Send button.


So, that’s it. If you would like to learn how to share online videos, read on.

How to  Share YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Videos Link to WhatsApp Status

There are lots of online videos out there. Online streaming service out there.

When you find a funny or interesting videos there, you may want to share them as your WhatsApp status without downloading those videos.

The only way you can do this is by sharing only the link/URL.

In YouTube, go find any videos then tap the share button. It will show up a list of where you want to share that videos link to.

share youtube video to whatsapp status

Choose WhatsApp.

WhatsApp mainly lets you choose where you would like to share that video link. Other than sending the link to some contacts, you may want to only share that link as your WhatsApp status. Choose My Status.

choose status

Tap the green Send button.


Now you will see that the link is being pasted automatically. You can tap that and add some kind of additional caption or emojis or whatever. You can also show the video’s thumbnail.

Once done, tap the green Send button again to share that video link as your WhatsApp status.

The same thing could be done if you want to share from Instagram or Facebook. In Instagram, just tap the menu button on the right upper corner of the post. Tap Copy link or Share to….

copy instagram link

How to Download YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Videos Then Upload Them into WhatsApp Status

Downloading YouTube, Instagram, Facebook videos can be some kind of hard work. But if you know the easy route, you can do it effortlessly.

Here’s how.

Go to That service could download any videos from almost every online streaming service or even social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, TikTok, etc.

Copy any link of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook videos.

copy link

Paste in It will automatically generate a download link.

paste link

Now, they provide you some resolutions that determine the video quality. Choose them, then your Chrome browser will pop out a notification that tells that the video is now being downloaded.

Once, the download process is done, go to WhatsApp and share it with your friends/contacts as WhatsApp status video.

Where to Download Videos That Are Good As WhatsApp Video Status Other Than YouTube/Instagram/Facebook

other online video sources

There are many website providing your some cool videos that you could share with your friends in your WhatsApp status, other than YouTube.

Here’s the list:

Those are the sites where you can download free WhatsApp status video. You can browse and discover and when you find some interesting videos, go share it!

How to Manually Cut/Trim WhatsApp Videos so You Can Upload Them as Status Video

WhatsApp doesn’t let you upload the whole duration of a video. They need to cut it until it reach 30 seconds/story because of low attention span of the users that are using WhatsApp (or, social media in general).

So when you’re uploading WhatsApp status video, you have to cut it by manually moving the slide. This lets you upload the part of the clip that you really want to share.

Don’t worry, if you want to upload the whole videos, you can make another WhatsApp story/status again and upload the next clip.

Once done, tap the Send button to share.

How to Cut/Trim Videos with Third Party Apps to Upload Them As WhatsApp Video


Cutting video manually using the WhatsApp app is a bit difficult, because you can’t see where you cut the video at. Especially when you want to upload the whole videos as different WhatsApp status.

Cutting video using WhatsApp, you will most likely to show the same clip a little bit when you upload the second clip as new WhatsApp story.

So, how do you cut/split the video perfectly?

You can use Video Splitter App.

Once you installed the app, open it and tap Select File to browse any video you would like to cut.

cut video using app

The app will split that long video as 30 second videos that you can upload into WhatsApp status.

Another Simple Video Editing App That Lets You Create Better WhatsApp Status Video: LightMV

online video software

This app is an online video maker that lets you create a video in easy way. It has a lot of editing features like filters, cropping, rotating, or even adding extra music. That app also provide you different kind of video template you can use so you don’t have to think about how you’re going to do with your bad videos.

The amazing this is that this app is cross-platform app and compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows PC or a Mac.

This app also could help you to create amazing WhatsApp status video.

Now you can make, share, upload WhatsApp status video in easy way with our tutorials. If you have a question, feel free to ask it on the comment section bellow.

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