How to Make Taskbar Transparent on Windows 10

installing third-party tool

If you’re bored with the Taskbar appearance, you may like to try something new, like a fully transparent Taskbar. Here’s how to make Taskbar transparent on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

Windows 10 has some color choices called “Accent” colors, and the colors are used in the Start menu, Action center, window, including Taskbar. But, the transparency option isn’t completely transparent. However, we’ve figured out how to make it fully transparent.

How to Make Taskbar Transparent through the Settings

But, if you’re a beginner and don’t even know how to make it slightly transparent, then read on. If you already know, simply jump to the next section using Registry Editor.

You have to access the Personalization section on the Settings app. You can do that quickly by right-clicking the Taskbar, then choose Taskbar settings.

task manager to make taskbar transparent

Now, simply choose Colors. Then make sure the Transparency effects toggle is on.

settings app to make taskbar transparent


The Taskbar will now be transparent. But, it won’t be completely transparent. If you want to make it highly or completely transparent, you can this method.

Make Taskbar Completely Transparent using Registry Editor

First, open the Registry Editor by opening the Run dialog box (press Windows+R), type regedit, then click OK.

dialog run regedit

Now, navigate to this address:



You need to create a DWORD value there. Right-click the Advanced folder then choose DWORD (320bit) Value.

regedit to change transparency of taskbar

Now, set the name as UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency. Double-click the value.

make taskbar highly transparent

Insert 1 as the value data. Choose OK.

taskbar transparency


To apply the changes, simply turn on the Transparency effect. If you have already turned it on, simply turn off then turn it on again.

transparency effects

Do the same thing for Show accent color on the following surfaces section.

transparency on start menu, taskbar, action center and title bars and window borders

Now, restart your computer to apply the changes you’ve made in Registry Editor. You should see your Taskbar become completely transparent after this.

How to Make the Taskbar Completely Transparent using Third-Party Tool

If you think using Regedit to make Taskbar transparent is difficult, you may need to use the third-party tool instead. You can download the tool called TranslucentTB in this link.


Click the EXE format to download the setup file.

using third-party tool to make taskbar highly transparent

Once you’ve downloaded the setup file, simply run it then click Run.

installing third-party tool


Please note that this is a third-party app and you have to use it at your own risk.

Now, install the tool unit finish.

Open the System tray, then choose the TransculentTB. Set it Clear to make your Taskbar transparent.

Restart your computer to completely apply the changes.

Your Taskbar should now appear completely transparent.


Customizing your Taskbar is easy, and Windows 10 has some options on it. But, you can do more by editing the Registry values or using third-party tools to make the Taskbar completely transparent. You can even hide the Taskbar, too.


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