3 Ways on How to Multiply in Google Sheets

You can find the total number of things in equal groups quickly with the multiplying function. Here’s how to multiply in Google Sheets in three ways.

multiply using operator

Multiplying may seem like a simple calculation, but some people might not familiar with it, especially in a spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets. Here’s how to multiply in Google Sheets in some different ways.

Multiplying itself is useful to find a total number of things quickly in equal groups without manually adding one number after another. In Google Sheets, you can multiply numbers in various ways.

You can multiply using a function and the multiplying operator. You can also use the autofill feature to multiply the rest of the rows faster and to multiply two columns.

How to multiply using the operator in Google Sheets

Most calculator device and spreadsheet tools recognize the multiplying operator, which is the asterisk sign (*). You can use this operator in Google Sheets as well.

This operator is clearly more efficient since it doesn’t take time to write the asterisk sign, unlike the multiply function. You can also use this operator to multiply more than two things and combine them with other operators like subtraction (-).


multiply using operator

You can also write the references instead of the numbers themselves in the formula bar.

multiplying cells from different columns

If you want to combine it with other operators, you can decide to put them either inside or outside bracket signs so you can calculate the formula in the right order.


In that example, you are calculating sixteen plus two plus two first, then the result will multiply with seventeen. Without the bracket signs, you’re multiplying seventeen and sixteen first, then add the result with 4.

How to multiply in Google Sheets using the function

The multiplying function might take more time to write in a cell, but you can still use it to multiply two things. If you try to multiply more than two things, it will give you an error message.

=MULTIPLY(first number, second number)

You can start typing the multiplying function in a cell and type the number manually if you want. Press Enter and it will give you the result immediately.

how to multiply in google sheets

You can also use the reference of numbers instead of the numbers themselves directly inside the bracket sign. For example, you can write this formula to multiply a number from E2 and B2.


How to multiply two columns quickly in Google Sheets

You can also multiply two columns quickly in Google Sheets without using the autofill feature. Autofill is used to automatically fill down the same formula for the rest of the rows by dragging.

With this method, which is going to use ARRAYFORMULA, you’re doing the same thing but more quickly. You don’t need to autofill. Simply write the formula in the first cell, the rest of the rows will automatically follow.


With the above formula, you’re trying to multiply B2 cell with C2, B3 cell with C3, and so on. By just writing this formula in the F2 (as shown below), the F3 cell and the rest of the cells will automatically follow, until the calculation reaches B5 times C5 (as shown above in the formula).

using arrayformula

This formula is efficient when you have a lot of rows you want to multiply or when you want to multiply two columns at the same time without autofill. You can use the same function to multiply more than two columns as well.

Google Sheets provides multiplying functions and operators to make it easy to find the total number of many things in equal groups. You can also multiply two columns or more than that.

You can also combine the ARRAYFORMULA function with other operators as well, like summing a column or more.

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