How to Name a Column in Google Sheets Quickly

A column may require a name for it to be referred to quickly and save more time. Here’s how to name a column in Google Sheets easily.

how to name a column in google sheets

Naming a column might be something that sounds simple, but some people are still struggling to do it. Here’s how to name a column in Google Sheets.

Naming a column simply means you’re making a column easier to refer to by making a name for it. So instead of typing =count(E:E), you will be typing =count(Position_Column) or any name you would like to set up.

This can save a lot of time when you have to use a formula involving or referring to an entire column, row, or anything you can think of since this naming method can also be used to any cell.

How to name a column in Google Sheets using the name ranges

Name range is what the feature is called. To name a column, simply select or click the column letter at the top. Then click the Data, and select Named ranges.

how to name a column in google sheets

You can immediately type the name for that column you selected. Once done, simply click Done. In case if you want to change the range of cells you want to name, change it from the next text box below it.

change a column name in google sheets

Once the name is saved, you can see the pencil icon which can be used to edit the name later on and if you want to.

add a range in google sheets

Now the column can be referred to with the name you’ve put. No need to manually type a column letter like A:A anymore.

Naming a column by creating a header row

A header row a simply the top first row that is used to identify what content or data the rest of the rows below it represents.

You can make a header row simply by, obviously, typing on the first row.

changing header row name

Simply press the backspace and type any name you want the row header represents. You can also freeze the header row, and stylize it by making it bold or something else for it to be stand out from the rest of the rows.

typing a new column name

You can name a column, a row, or any cell in your spreadsheet using the name range feature in Google Sheets. The feature makes it easy to refer to anything without a headache to remember where the cell is located.

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