How To Open BUP Files on Windows 11 & Windows 10

When you open or play a DVD on your computer, you might see an unfamiliar format BUP. Here's what BUP files are and how to open/play them.

How To Open BUP Files on Windows 11 & Windows 10

Have you ever come across a file with the .bup extension and wondered what it is?

You might have encountered this file format when trying to play a DVD on your computer. But if you don't know anything about the BUP format, you might be curious about how to open or play it.

Different file formats exist for different purposes, and the BUP file format is no exception. Read on to learn what BUP files are and how to open or play them.

What are BUP files?

BUP files are simply backup files that are created on the DVD. BUP files aren't used unless the DVD is corrupted, specifically the IFO file, the information source of the DVD.

If the IFO file has a problem that prevents it from being playable, BUP files might be used. BUP file format isn't usually created to be opened manually, unlike the H264 file. You can open or play a BUP file using video or DVD players.

How to open and play BUP files (Windows 10 & Windows 11)

BUP files can be opened by some media or video players, some are video editors, and some are file compression apps. But keep in mind that not all apps open or play BUP files the same way.

Here is the list of the video players that can open, manage, or play BUP files:

BUP files can be really important, especially for a DVD. It is related to other file formats like IFO and VOB. If you want to manage BUP files on your own, the above apps can be used for that purpose.

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