How to Pin Comments in Instagram Posts in Android & iPhone

pin comment

Instagram allows you to pin comments on your posts. The number of comments Instagram allows you to pin is just three. But that’s enough because it’s already useful if you want to highlight only the top comments that you prefer than the rest. Here’s how to pin comments in Instagram posts.

How to Pin Comments in Instagram (Android & iPhone)

Pinning comments is just as easy as deleting comments. Simply visit your Instagram post. Open the comment.

how to pin comments in instagram posts

To pin, simply long-tap the comment then choose the Pin icon at the top.

pin 3 comments in instagram posts

At the bottom, simply tap Pin Comment.

pin comment

Now the comment is pinned on your Instagram post.

seeing instagram comments

You can also unpin an Instagram comment. Simply long-tap it, then tap the Pin button again. It will unpin it.

unpin instagram comments

Tap Unpin to confirm.

unpin comment

Instagram now allows you to pin comments. It’s really useful to pin the best comments you prefer to make it more visible to your followers. If you want to unpin it, simply unpin it again using the same method.

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