How To Pin One or Multiple Locations on Google Maps

Sometimes you want to mark a place to make it easy to make directions. Here’s how to drop a pin on multiple locations on Google Maps.

list of maps you created on google maps

Google Maps makes it easy for users to mark locations so they can make directions or share them with others, and you can name those locations as well. Here’s how to pin locations on Google Maps.

You can drop a pin on one location on Google Maps, and you can pin multiple locations or addresses as well. You can make a map that contains routes to those pinned locations as well.

You can do this on Google Maps on Android/iPhone or PC. Simply sign in to Google and open Google Maps to start.

How to drop a pin on one location on Google Maps

To drop a pin, simply tap then hold for a second on any area on the map. You will immediately see the red location icon on it, its coordinate on the search box, a text saying “dropped pin” with its complete address.

Scroll right below that address, and you’ll see a button saying Label. Click it.

dropped pin on google maps

Google Maps will then ask you to rename the label for that particular place you just pinned. Once a pin is dropped, you can do the same thing as you can do to any regular, named places on Google Maps, like creating directions, saving the place, or sharing it with other people.

naming a location on google maps

If you want to pin multiple locations on Google Maps, you can do it by doing the above methods over and over again but do it to different places that you want to pin.

If you want to make routes to those locations or create maps, simply read through this post.

How to remove a pin from Google Maps

Removing a pin is as easy as dropping one. Simply the Saved tab, and scroll down until you see “Your lists”. Select Labeled. Tap the three-dots button at the right side of the dropped pin you want to remove.

accessing pinned locations on google maps

Select Remove label. You’ll see a message at the bottom saying “Your label was removed”.

removing a pinned location on google maps

How to view pinned locations on Google Maps

There’s a faster way to view all of your pinned locations on Google Maps. You can do that by opening the search box and selecting More. Here, you can go to any pinned location by tapping on it.

pinned locations

How to navigate through pinned locations on Google Maps

If you pin multiple locations on Google Maps because you want to make routes to them, you can quickly do that by going to the Go tab. Tap every pin button on the Suggested list and select Start to navigate.

direction of pinned locations

How to create a map on Google Maps

If you want to make routes of new pinned locations, you don’t have to manually drop a pin in every place then navigate using the previous method. You can simply create a map instead.

Open Google Maps on your PC browser. Select the hamburger button.

how to pin multiple locations as a route on a map

Select Your Places.

creating a place

Select the Maps tab. Select Create map.

saved maps on google maps

Here, you can simply mark and name a map, and create layers.

marking places

To mark a place, simply select Add marker icon below the search box.

add a mark

On the map, simply zoom in and out and hover over it to select the place. To mark that place, simply click on it right away.


Here, enter that place’s name and its description if you want. Select Save to save it.

saving a mark

You can do the same method to mark other places. Simply click the Add marker icon and mark on any place you find important to be on the map.

mark on created maps

You can rename the map as easily as clicking the already existing map title. You can do the same for the layer.

renaming maps on google maps

Once you’re done making the map, you can access it through Saved > Maps menu.

list of maps you created on google maps

Google Maps makes it easy for you to drop a pin or many pins on locations. You can also make routes out of those locations as well.

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