Here’s How to Post a Longer Video on Instagram Easily

post long story on instagram

Instagram has really unique features. But it is not simple for new Instagram users to post longer video. Instagram itself has its own rule which has been always changed, like the duration of video you can post. Here’s how to post a longer video on Instagram.

In early days of Instagram, it allowed you to upload 15 seconds video as Instagram post. In 2016, you can now upload 1 minute video on Instagram.

Before 2016, Instagram didn’t have insta-story. Now, you can upload 15 seconds Instagram story very easily.

However, some Instagram users don’t know whether they can post longer video on Instagram or not. You can use multiple ways to do this, with different purposes.

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How to Post a Longer Video on Instagram Post by using Third Party App

Instagram as we know only allows 60 seconds video. But, Instagram also allow you to post more than just one clip video. This means you can post many 60 seconds clip on Instagram fairly easy to upload a longer video. However, there’s a limit to this.

If you want to upload some minutes clips, you probably can. But, if you want to upload more than 10 minutes, you should use IGTV to post a longer video. This is the feature where Instagram allows you to actually post a longer video than 60 seconds in just one, single clip.

However, you might want to keep doing this. That’s fine.

To do this, just download a video splitter for Instagram. You can download it though the link below:

Download Video Splitter for Android

Download Video Splitter for iOS

Once you download the video splitter app, open the app. Tap Skip.

how to post a longer video on instagram

Now, agree to allow permission for the app to work. Tap Split Video to start splitting your Instagram videos into different clips, so you can post a longer video.

how to upload long video to instagram

Choose the video you want to split.

how do you post a long video on instagram

Now, after choosing a video to split, just select how long the duration for each clips you want to eventually upload. If you want to split to post longer video as Instagram post, you can just 60 seconds. Now, tap the check mark button at the top.

video splitter

After this, you will receive your splitted videos on your internal memory. You can then upload all those clips to post longer video on Instagram.

To upload, just open Instagram app.

Tap the plus button at the bottom of your screen. Select the clips you want to upload.

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How to Post a Longer Video using IGTV on Mobile App

Instagram has IGTV. It is a new platform for Instagram users who want to upload a longer video. IGTV normally can be watched through Instagram app, but if you want to post IGTV, you have to use IGTV app itself.

Download IGTV for Android

Download IGTV for iOS

Instagram IGTV can upload up to 60 minutes video long by uploading from computer. IGTV on mobile can upload up to 15 minutes video long. In this tutorial, we’re going to post longer video on Instagram using IGTV app on mobile.

Once you download IGTV app, open the app.

igtv app download

If you have logged in on your Instagram app, your username will appear in IGTV app. Tap Continue as (username) to login.

download instagram igtv app

Now, tap the plus button at the top-left. Choose which long video you want to upload to Instagram.

upload igtv long video to instagram

Once you find the video, you can adjust the frame of the video. Tap Next. You can also choose custom thumbnail or cover for your IGTV video. Tap Next.

long video on instagram

Now, just add a title and description. You can upload to Facebook, post a preview to your profile, add a series for your long video.

long video publish on instagram

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How to Upload Longer Video using IGTV from Computer

IGTV is also available on the web. It can upload up to 60 minutes video, way longer than IGTV on mobile app that only allow you to upload up to 15 minutes. This means you can post longer video very easily from computer.

To do this, just visit Instagram website. Login to your account. Go to your profile. Tap IGTV tab.

Now, tap Upload to start uploading and choosing video.

post longer video using igtv on the web

You’ll be directed to this page. You can enter the details, upload the thumbnail or cover, and start uploading the video by clicking the plus button.

uploading igtv video

How to Post a Long Video on Instagram Story

Instagram story allows 15 seconds clip for each story you upload. But, if you upload longer than 15 seconds, it will be automatically splitted into different clips and you can choose which clips you want to post on Instagram.

Make sure you’ve updated your Instagram app. Login to your account.

Tap your profile picture. Start creating a story.

how to do instagram live to upload longer video

You can also create a long video from Camera app first, then upload it to Instagram. Instagram will automatically create splits of your long video so you can keep your video watched by all your followers. Tap Next.

upload longer story on instagram by splitting it automatically

Now, tap Share at Your Story.

post long story on instagram

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How to Post a Long Video on Story by Doing Live

Instagram make it easy for anyone to do live video to interact with their audience in real time. You can enable comment and let your follower sending comment when watching your live video.

To do this, just tap your profile picture. Swipe left to choose Live. Press the record button.

instagram live

Can You Post on Instagram Post Longer Than 60 Seconds?

Yes, you can do that by uploading different clips of your long video, or by using IGTV to upload video up to 60 minutes.

Can You Post on Instagram Story Longer Than 15 Seconds

Yes, you can post longer video by splitting it into different clips. Unfortunately, there’s still no way to post longer Instagram story with just one single clip.

Instagram allows you to post longer video on the platform. Most people will use IGTV to upload it. However, you can use third-party app if you want to post on your profile instead. You can’t upload longer than 15 seconds on story, but you can upload more than just one clip to post the full video.

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