Apps Not Showing on Home Screen? Here’s How to Put App on Home Screen (Android)

microsoft launcher create shortcut

Android has a lot of features, one of them lets you put app on home screen. But, sometimes, you just don’t understand that app you just installed doesn’t create its icon and put it on home screen in Android. Unless you’re tech-savvy, fixing installed apps not showing on home screen seems hard. Here’s how.

Android has home screen features in it. By default, Android will put app on home screen automatically right after you install it from Play Store. But, some users reported that they don’t see installed app’s icon right after installation in Samsung and other Android smartphones.

If you’re beginner in Android want to know more about how to put app icon on home screen, read on.

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How to Put App on Home Screen Manually in Android (Using Default System Launcher)

Using system launcher can be difficult if you want to customize or use more features. Often times, you may not find enough features that also let you to add app icon to home screen, which is frustrating. But, doing that require a little bit effort, and don’t worry, the effort just costs a few taps.

If you want to put app icon on home screen manually in limited, system launcher,  here’s the way.

First, open Settings app of your Android device. It will open many options, from choosing default launcher to manage your apps.

Tap Manage apps. Then search for the app you want to put icon from. Tap it.

how to put app on home screen

Then, tap Other permissions. It will open a list of permissions. Turn on Home screen shortcuts.

learning on how to create app shortcut to home screen

Now, the app is able to put its icon to home screen in Android. If you don’t see the icon on home screen, you probably have to do more steps below.

How to Put App Icon on Home Screen with Third-Party Launcher

There’s another way you can do to put app icon on home screen: using third-party launcher app. This is important for those who don’t have app drawer on their default system launcher, especially MIUI or Xiaomi launcher.

To do this, you’ve to download one of the best launcher app for Android. In this tutorial, we’re going to use Microsoft Launcher as an example.

You can download Microsoft Launcher here.

Open app drawer. Then, tap any app you want to put icon from, then hold for a second. Drag and drop it to home screen.

put app on home screen using microsoft launcher

That’s it.

Now, you’ve putted the app icon on home screen.

How to Create Shortcut of Apps to Home Screen in Android

There’s more way you can do about app shortcuts. Not just shortcut that leads you to an app, but to an app feature directly without browsing through it. This is way more efficient than trying to put app icon on home screen only to open the app.

To do this, you have to use third-party launcher. Again, we use Microsoft Launcher as an example.

On home screen, tap and hold the app you want to create a shortcut.

microsoft launcher create shortcut

It will show a list of shortcut. Now, to add them to home screen, just drag and drop one of those shortcuts to home screen.

Now, you have putted app shortcut to home screen.

Now you’ve learned on how to put app on home screen, either the icon that leads to the app or shortcut to the app’s feature. If you encounter problem while doing this, let me know in the comment below.

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