How To Put Parental Controls on YouTube

YouTube makes it easy to filter out age-restricted content. Here’s how to set up parental control on YouTube (PC browser and Android/iPhone).

how to put parental controls on youtube

YouTube is a wide platform that has a variety of contents, and some aren’t appropriate for kids to watch. As a parent, you wonder how to control which video your kids can watch where there are millions of them. Here’s how to put parental controls on YouTube.

There are hundreds of millions of YouTube videos that exist. A lot of videos are inappropriate, age-restricted, and only for adults to watch. Sometimes the comments aren’t appropriate as well, and your kids can engage in inappropriate conversations with adult strangers.

Fortunately, parental control is a thing on YouTube, and you can worry less about your kids’ activity on the platform. You can restrict not just videos that are mainly for adults but also the comment. This parental control can’t be tricked to be turned off.

How to set up parental control on YouTube (PC browser)

You can set up parental control on YouTube by enabling the Restricted Mode. Once enabled, the mode will filter out age-restricted videos, hide comments, and disable the ability to comment on any video.

No need to worry about your kids figuring out a way to disable the Restricted Mode on YouTube. This can’t be tricked to be turned off because it’s still applied when you sign out of YouTube or Google.

how to put parental controls on youtube

To turn on this mode, open YouTube then signs in to it. Click the profile picture of yours, and select Restricted Mode which says Off.

youtube restricted mode

Set the toggle on at the Activate restricted mode to turn on the mode and make YouTube childproof.

activate restricted mode on youtube

YouTube will automatically reload and apply your settings. Now, you will see no comment on any video you see. Sign out of YouTube/Google to prevent your kids from disabling this mode.

sign out of youtube

Make sure you previously don’t use the saved password feature on your browser to prevent your kids from easily signing in to your Google/YouTube account as well which lets them easily turn off the Restricted Mode.

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Restrict YouTube on Android/iPhone

YouTube on Android and iPhone also has the same feature which lets you filter out age-restricted videos and the comment feature. In this post, the tutorial is specifically on Android and you might find it slightly different on iPhone.

Open YouTube app. Tap your profile picture. Select Settings. Select General.

restricted mode on youtube android iphone

Here, set the toggle on at Restricted Mode.

youtube restricted mode

YouTube will disable comments as well as age-restricted videos. You will also have to sign out of the app to prevent the ability to disable the Restricted Mode.

Install the YouTube Kids app

youtube kids play store

If you find it inconvenient to enable the Restricted Mode, you can simply use the YouTube Kids app. Just like the name suggests, it is made for children to access YouTube without you as the parent worries about them watching age-restricted content.

YouTube, fortunately, provides a way to set up parental control, which can be done on your PC browser and your Android/iPhone, and it’s easy to enable.

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