Simple Way on How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (Android/iPhone)

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WhatsApp has simple features, and at some point WhatsApp add a feature letting you to delete message you sent. This can be awkward for you and the one that you sent message to, because the other person will always know that you just deleted your message. If you’re that other person, and you want to know and read deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you, here’s the tutorial.

Why You Need to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp generally has Detail feature which is check mark on every message you sent. It typically shows three stuff on each three different check mark: 1) message has been sent to WhatsApp server, 2) message has been delivered to the recipient but not read, 3) message has been sent, delivered, and read. The two blue check mark means that your message has been sent, delivered, and read.

With that in mind, WhatsApp also delivers a feature that lets you delete/unsend a message you just sent, even if the message has been read with two blue check mark. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you can delete message for everyone only when the message has been sent less than an hour. Otherwise, the message can only be deleted for yourself, which mean the recipient would still read the message you deleted anyway.

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This kinda sucks if you’re probably the recipient (the one who receive the message). Someone who sent you message, but then they deleted it (marked by This message was deleted), might not letting you know why they did delete/unsend the WhatsApp message they sent.

Wondering about why the other person deleted their WhatsApp message waste a lot of time unless they tell you why. But, there’s still a way for you to know what message they sent but then they deleted in WhatsApp. But this won’t work if the message is already been deleted, this can work for the future message you receive that could be deleted by them.

WhatsApp message can be unsent/deleted for everyone in all platform including Android, iPhone, and Windows 10. As long the person who sent the message still has an hour, they can delete and unsend the message they just sent.

If you want to know what kind of message they send but they delete in the future, you can.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message by Using Third-Party Apps

This method involve your Android notifications feature, which means this method has a risk that the third-party app could read the entire notification you receive and send them to their server, which is dangerous. If you really would like to read deleted WhatsApp message through this method, the risk is inevitable.

The best app you can get to read the entire notifications you receive including WhatsApp message is: Deleted messages recovery whats : see removed msg by sTech innovative.

The name of the app may sounds odd and cringe, but it does work perfectly well to read deleted WhatsApp message that has been unsent. This Android app has 4.6MB in size, 1K reviews, with 4.4 star-rating. If you would like to know and see deleted WA messages, this app is the best choice.

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This app may be specifically developed to read and record WhatsApp message notifications, but it turns out you can read any notifications using this app. Once you done installing the app, you’ll have to choose whether you would like to read WhatsApp message app or the entire installed Android apps’ notification.

Download Deleted WhatsApp Message Reader App on Play Store

Once you download the app, open the app right away.

how to read deleted whatsapp message

Now, the app will have to ask your permission to access notifications and your files. Tap Allow and Agree and Continue. In Notification access, choose Whats deleted msg recovery.

using third party apps to read deleted whatsapp message

Tap Allow. Now, allow access to your files. The app wants to access the files so you can save WhatsApp notification and then you can read deleted WhatsApp messages.

deleted whatsapp message app reader

Tap Allow to allow this app accessing your files to save WhatsApp messages.

play store app that can read deleted whatsapp message

Now, you’ll have to choose WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business (depends on what you use) to let the app read your messages through notifications that show and then you can read them even though the message has been deleted. Tap Done.

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whatsapp message

Now, this app is ready to work. Any messages in the future will shows in notifications, and then saved and recorded by this app. Once they delete their messages, this app has already saved them and you can read deleted WhatsApp messages directly from this app.

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whatsapp message notification reader app for android

That is how you read deleted WhatsApp message easily in Android. There’s more bonus tutorial to read if you don’t know how to unsend/delete your message yourself, in case you accidentally type the wrong message.

How to Unsend WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp generally lets you unsend or delete your WhatsApp messages easily. To do that, just tap the message. Tap trash can icon at the top.

how to unsend whatsapp message

Now, WhatsApp has two options: delete for yourself or delete for everyone. To make other people in the conversation doesn’t know the message, you have to choose Delete for Everyone.

whatsapp message

WhatsApp has simple features yet they come being used by everyone, including deleting messages. If you just got a message sent by someone but then they deleted it, you won’t feel intrigued because you know what message they sent, because now you can read deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you in Android easily.

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