How to Record and Create Voice Tweet on Twitter

Twitter launches its new feature called voice tweet. Instead of typing, you can now share your voice. Here’s how to record and tweet your voice on Twitter.

Twitter recently launched a new feature that lets you voice your tweet. Instead of typing, you can begin recording your voice as a tweet. Here’s how to tweet your voice on Twitter.

Twitter is a different kind of social media. It mostly works with text, even if you also can upload media like video, tweeting what you type is still the most popular method to connect with people. Until the voice tweet feature changes everything (not yet, but it probably will).

If you use iPhone or iPad, chances are you can use the voice tweet feature right now. Just update the app on the App Store, and begin recording your voice. Unfortunately, Twitter didn’t release the voice tweet feature for all platforms, and Android users need to wait a little longer.

How to Record and Send the Voice Tweet on Twitter (iPhone)

You probably need to update your Twitter app first. Head to App Store, search for Twitter, and click the Update button.

Open the Twitter app. Now, tap the Compose Tweet button that is floating on your screen.

voice tweet

Choose the soundwave button to start sending voice tweets. You can also add some text.

Tap the microphone button to start recording your voice tweet.

Just like when you record your voice on other recording apps, you will see a soundbar which means you’re currently recording. You can tap the pause button, and continue recording by tapping the record button again.

Once done, tap the Tweet button. Just like adding your new tweets, as usual, you can also add some text, location, and more.

Now click the play button to start hearing your voice tweet there.

Voice tweeting is easy, and you can combine those tweets into a thread. It’s new. You can also change the theme into the dark, make money on Twitter, and other free tutorials on our blog.

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