How to Record WhatsApp Call on iPhone/Android (4 Simple Way)

how to record whatsapp video call with sound and audio

WhatsApp has simple features and is being used by over a billion users globally. It is secure and most people who aren’t tech-savvy can use it easily, proving it has great user experience. But, not all users know the fact that they can do something outside of WhatsApp feature, and here’s how to record WhatsApp call in 2020.

Is It Legal to Record WhatsApp Call Secretly?

First, you have to know whether it is legal or not recording WhatsApp call (voice call or video call) secretly without the other person’s consent. This will make sure you don’t get sued only because you followed a tutorial on the internet. Know your country’s law and your state’s law on recording phone call without the other person knowing it.

Some countries and states make it illegal to record phone call, including WhatsApp call. Even if you try to prove something wrong based on the recording of call you had, if you don’t know what you’re doing, please don’t bother recording WhatsApp call.

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How to Record WhatsApp Call on Android

Recording WhatsApp call require third-party apps to be involved. Or, if you have regular voice recorder, that may or may not work to record WhatsApp call. There’s a list of third party apps that are best for WhatsApp call recording, and all of those apps are free to download from Play Store on Android.

Without further ado, here’s a list of best Android apps that can record WhatsApp call secretly.

Best WhatsApp Voice Call Recorder Apps

1. CallApp by CallApp Caller ID Software

how to record whatsapp call

CallApp is a regular call blocker app, with addition of call recording feature. You can also use this app to send SMS and call others, besides recording WhatsApp voice call. When you first open the app, it will ask you to verify your number and send SMS verification. Then, you can use it to record WhatsApp call.

This app is free, easy to use. It currently has 4.3 star-rating with 500K reviews. This means that this app is good enough to record WhatsApp call in mobile, and has been used by many people on the globe.

Download Call App on Play Store (Android)

2. Call Recorder – Cube ACR by Catalina Group

here's how to record whatsapp video call

Call Recorder by Catalina Group is just another call recorder app. This app works not just to record WhatsApp call, but also Skype and Viber calls. Just like the app before this, this app also require you to verify your number through SMS. Then, you can use it to record WhatsApp call easily and secretly.

This app currently has 4.5 star-rating with 300K reviews. You can download this WhatsApp call recorder app for free on Android.

Download Call Recorder on Play Store (Android)

3. Automatic Call Recorder by recorder & smart apps

best app to record whatsapp call on android

Automatic Call Recorder is just another call recorder app for Android. It has simple user interface that you can easy to use including to record WhatsApp call. You can use the app to manage your calls, too. It currently has 4.3 star-rating and has over 300K reviews on Play Store. You can download this app to record WhatsApp call secretly and easily.

Download Automatic Call Recorder on Play Store (Android)

How to Record WhatsApp Call on iPhone

Recording WhatsApp call on iPhone require different method. You have to use Mac and iPhone at the same time to record WhatsApp call, and doing this doesn’t require a lot of work.

First, prepare your Mac and connect it with your iPhone using a lightning cable. You will have to click Trust this computer on your iPhone if you never connected it before.

On Mac, you have to open QuickTime app. Select File > New Audio Recording. Choose iPhone at the button located next to the record button.

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Now, click record button. You can call someone using WhatsApp right now, and the call will be recorded. You can even record WhatsApp call of a group call.

The recording file will be saved on the Mac.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio on Android

how to record whatsapp video call with sound and audio

Recording WhatsApp video call require third party app to be involved. It’s because most Android phone don’t have built-in screen recorder app that can record anything with audio, which sucks. But don’t worry, the problem is now solved by using the best third party screen recorder app: AZ Recorder, which is also one of the best screenshot app for Android out there.

The app is amazing and can record screen with audio, including record WhatsApp video call with audio. Another good thing about it is that you won’t get caught, because this app can record any screen easily and perform well on low-end Android smartphone.

By using this app, you can record WhatsApp calls secretly, including video calls.

Download AZ Recorder on Play Store (Android)

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio on iPhone without Jailbreak

iPhone always bring its unique recorder app at the Control Center. This recorder app also works to record WhatsApp video call with sound on iPhone — if you enable it correctly.

To record WhatsApp video call with audio on iPhone, you have to make sure the Screen Recorder is inside Control Center and that it works to record any screen with sound.

Open Settings app.

Tap Control Center. Then tap Customize Controls.

Check Screen Recording by making it green.

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Now, you finally arrive at the next step.

You can record WhatsApp video call right now but without sound. By default, iPhone disable sound recording in its Screen Recording app. You have to activate the feature manually.

You have to turn on microphone.

To do this, open Control Center by swiping up. Long press Screen Recording icon. Then activate microphone by pressing the microphone icon once.

Now, you can record WhatsApp video call with sound/audio on iPhone’s Screen Recording app.

It turns out it isn’t that hard to record WhatsApp call completely, from recording WhatsApp voice call to video call with or without sound on Android and iPhone.

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