How to Recover Outlook Password on Android, iPhone, Mac, & Windows 11/10

People are always forgetting their passwords, including Outlook passwords. Here’s how to recover Outlook passwords on Windows 11/10, Android, iPhone, and Mac.

reset your password

Sometimes changing passwords is important. But some people are always forgetting their passwords. Here’s how to recover Outlook passwords on Android, iPhone, Mac, & Windows 11/10.

Getting locked out of your Outlook email account is a nightmare, especially if you don’t remember your password. Instead of creating a new Outlook email, there is a way to recover your Outlook password through the manual recovery method.

Outlook is tied to your Microsoft account. This means, changing your Outlook password means changing your Microsoft account password. It will apply to all Microsoft products you’re logged in to. But don’t worry, login is the easy part. The most important thing is the recovery part.

How to Recover Outlook Password on Web Browser (Windows 11/10, Mac, Android, iPhone)

First, you have to go to Recover Your Account page. You have to enter your email, phone, or Skype name to recover your Microsoft Outlook account. Click Next.

recover outlook password in windows 10, android, iphone

Now, choose which method you can do to recover your Outlook account. This post will show you the email recovery method. If you want to use your phone number or any other way, click I don’t have any of these. Click Get code.

verify microsoft account for outlook in android, iphone, and windows 10, and mac

Now, Microsoft Outlook has sent you an email containing the verification code that you should input here.

enter verification code through email or phone number

Login to your email account then look for the code. Enter the code on the recovery page then click Next.

microsoft account password reset

Enter your new Outlook password. Reenter the Outlook password again. Click Next.

reset your password

You have finally recovered your Outlook password and changed it to a new one. You can save the password in Chrome so you don’t have to remember your Outlook password again every time you want to log in.

update saved password on chrome

If you see a message saying “Your password is changed”, that means you’ve successfully changed your Outlook password. You can click Sign in to continue to see your Outlook inbox.

new microsoft outlook password is changed

You can do this method in all browsers, including Chrome or Safari, which is available on Windows 11/10, Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Can You Change Your Outlook Password without Phone Number/Email?

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can change your Outlook password without remembering your password, losing access to your phone number or email.

However, Outlook provides a manual review which you can do by clicking I don’t have any of these while doing the first method to recover your password. Then follow the instruction.

Another alternative is by contacting your email provider. Most email service provides a way to recover your account if you lost access to it.

Is There Any Software Can Be Used to Recover/Change Outlook Password?

There is actually. But it doesn’t do much.

There are apps like the Kernel Outlook Password Recovery tool that can recover your Outlook PST file password. But I’m not sure it can recover your Outlook email account.

Surely, there is a way to recover or change your Outlook password. Losing access to your email is not something people want to cope with. That’s why there are password manager apps that can save your passwords so you don’t have to remember them.

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