How to Reduce Time Associated with Mobile App Development

The pandemic has accelerated mobile app development. It has paved the way for new mobile app developers…

The pandemic has accelerated mobile app development. It has paved the way for new mobile app developers to enter the market. The mobile app development business is thriving. From individuals to software houses, many are looking to cash in on the tremendous opportunities brought forward by this great business.

If you own mobile development business, you might already be familiar with how time is crucial to getting things ready. Creating the right mobile app at the right time is essential if you want to grab a piece of the proverbial sales pie. That said, here are seven ways to accelerate your mobile app development timeline:

Do Not Move Forward Without a Plan

Planning is the bedrock of almost everything. You can’t expect to work things out if you don’t have a plan. The same can be said for new entrants. Setting up a business without having a clear goal in mind is akin to climbing a mountain wearing an eye mask.

You have no clue what’s ahead of you. You will see many people entering the mobile app development market without a clear goal in mind.

It is advisable to have a clear understanding of the market you are about to enter. Carry market research to understand your target audience as well as your potential competitors.

When you have sound knowledge of your market, you’ll be able to survive your first year. You must research the existing mobile app market in addition to understanding future trends.

Create a Prototype

Almost all technology-based businesses follow this model. They develop a prototype, test it, analyze its shortcomings, and then create a full-fledged version. Even broadband service providers tend to follow a similar approach.

You don’t think that Spectrum just launched Spectrum TV App without having first-hand knowledge about consumer preferences, do you?

Thanks to tech advancements, you can select from different cross-platform hybrid app development solutions. These platforms include Flutter, Ionic, React Native, and many more. The said solutions let mobile app developers use a single codebase as opposed to platforms that rely on native coding technology.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using hybrid solutions is that they are time efficient. These platforms allow you to develop your apps for multiple operating systems simultaneously.

Applications developed via hybrid solutions can cater to Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Focus on Wireframe Development

Low fidelity wireframes include the most basic visuals and content. These visuals are typically static. Their purpose is to map out the shell of the interface.

By focusing on low-fidelity wireframes, you can accelerate your mobile app development timeline. It is advisable to defer high loyalty wireframes if you want to speed up your mobile app development process.

Develop a Minimum Viable Product

This process is known to greatly reduce the time it takes to develop a mobile application. You can create a mini version of your application side by side with your main application.

Submit the mini version to the Google Play Store or Apple Store (whichever you want). Doing so will allow you to test the mini version of your app on the said operating systems.

Submitting the mini version will also enable you to reduce the cost that comes with mobile app development.

Moreover, you will be able to carve out a niche for yourself on the market. The best part, you will be able to test your application and make improvements accordingly.

Review the Design for Potential Flaws

Make sure to review the design of your product before introducing it on Android or iOS. Use sprint planning to analyze and understand your demo. Remember, nobody can understand the flaws better than you because you are the developer. Test the product multiple times before revealing it to your audience.

Sprints are great when it comes to reducing the time associated with mobile app development. You can use the sprint method before bringing your product onto the market. The purpose of testing is to ensure that the end-user gets the perfect product. Also, it helps the developer (you) better understand the product as a whole.

Keep the Delivery Cycle Short

Take it from us, clients hate delays. Why? Because a) they’re paying you for your services and b) they don’t want to lose potential customers to the competition.

It is advisable to keep your delivery cycle short so that you could deliver your end product in the shortest time possible. Also, do not revise deadlines. That creates a bad impression.

Reuse Component-based UI

The best thing about technology is that is reusable. The context of the statement is that you can go back and forth between different interfaces. This will allow you to keep testing your product from time to time. Also, it will accelerate your mobile app development timeline.

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