How to Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets On-Screen/On-Print

By default, Google Sheets show and print sheets with gridlines. Here’s how to remove gridlines in Google Sheets to make sheets easier to read.

gridlines are removed in google sheets

Gridlines make your spreadsheet cells look easy to edit and identify. But sometimes, you just want to get rid of them. Here’s how to remove gridlines in Google Sheets.

Gridlines are lines around the cells that make it easy to know where the cell is located by looking at the left side and top of your spreadsheet for reference. While it’s good for editing, it might make your data look more distracting to read in general.

Fortunately, Google Sheets provide you a way to hide gridlines. Not just when you edit your spreadsheet (on-screen), but also on print. Because by default, you print a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the gridlines showing.

How to remove gridlines in Google Sheets on-screen

The method is simple. Simply open the Google Sheets spreadsheet you want to hide or remove gridlines from. Select which sheet you want.

Yes, you can’t delete gridlines for all sheets at once, you would have to do it manually, one sheet at a time.

how to remove gridlines in google sheets

Once you selected a sheet, go to View > Gridlines. This is where you can get rid of gridlines. You can see if the menu is checked, the gridlines are showing. Click it to uncheck, removing the gridlines from your sheet.

view gridlines in google sheets

Now, your sheet has no gridlines, which makes it less distracting to read.

gridlines are removed in google sheets

How to add gridlines for specific cells

If you chose to get rid of gridlines, you can show gridlines for a specific range of cells anywhere. This is great to make a range of cells stand out from the rest of the sheet.

To do this, simply delete the gridlines using the previous method. Select the range of cells you want to put the border/gridlines.

Then, click the Border button below the menu, which shows more buttons to set which side you want the line to be. You can change the color and how it looks as well.

border in google sheets

How to delete gridlines on print

By default, Google Sheets shows the gridlines on print. No worries, there is a way to remove that.

Simply click the print button, which you can also access from the File menu.

print in google sheets

Once the print dialog box shows up, expand the Formatting menu. Uncheck Show gridlines to remove the gridlines on print. The print preview you are looking at is exactly what the printed sheet would look like.

formatting show gridlines unchecked

As always, you can show the gridlines back by reversing the method. To show, check it back in the print dialog box and/or in the View menu.

Google Sheets provide simple features to show or hide gridlines, so you get to decide upon making the sheet look less distracting either on-screen or on print.

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