Best 7 Methods on How to Remove Instagram Follower

how to remove instagram follower

Instagram is one of the most popular social media app. With this popularity, Instagram has a lot of fake accounts. If you have a quite popular Instagram account, you might have a lot of ghost followers that never interact with you. Here’s how to remove Instagram follower in Android and iPhone.

But, what is ghost follower? How do they even exist in the first place? What can you do about it?

This article will answers all of your questions.

What is Ghost Followers in Instagram?

According to this Wikipedia page, ghost followers are users in social media who remain inactive or don’t engage in activity. They never like, comment, or even DM you. They’re usually created by people or bot. Some are actually created by people and the purpose is stalking others.

Ghost followers are found on any social media, including Instagram. When you check your Instagram followers list, you might find a lot of people who aren’t actually interacting with you, even if you’re not as popular as celebrity.

Are they dangerous? Well, that depends. If your Instagram account is private and is intended for your close friends or the people you know, all of those fake followers or ghost followers can violate your privacy.

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What You Can Do about Ghost Followers in Instagram

Instagram give you two choices about handling these ghost followers or fake followers. The first one is by removing them from your follower list. This will automatically remove yourself from their following list.

Amazingly, Instagram user who will be removed by you from your follower list won’t know that they are removed, except if they notice it by visiting your Instagram profile. There is high chance of that person follow you again for the second time after getting removed.

You can minimize their action on your account, though. You can prevent that person from seeing your Instagram story again by using the second method.

Or, you can use the third method to restrict them from messaging you, seeing your Instagram story, seeing whether you have read their message, seeing when the last time you’re active in Instagram, and more.

If you don’t want that person to follow you again, or contact you from any possible way, you can block that person. This is the final method you can deal with followers you have problem with, including ghost followers.

We’ll explain each method the simplest way possible. Read on.

How to Remove Instagram Followers Easily in Android and iPhone

Instagram has official app on Android and iPhone. You can use the app to remove follower in Instagram easily. Instagram has its own feature for this purpose.

Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram for iPhone

Even though Instagram provide many other ways to handle fake followers, this method can easily become one of the easiest you can do. It’s also practical.

You can do this one at a time, meaning if you want to remove a lot of followers in Instagram, you have to do it manually. Removing one follower at one time.

There’s no possible way to delete followers in Instagram in bulk. The last time I heard is by using a cleaner app, but now that app has been removed from Play Store and App Store due to violating Instagram policy.

But don’t worry, deleting Instagram follower isn’t as hard it seems. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account.

Now go to your profile.

By the way, you can also add location to bio, and indent bio to the center.

Now, tap Followers to see your followers you want to remove. Tap the kebab button at the right side of the follower you want to remove.

how to remove instagram follower

To finally delete follower from Instagram, just tap Remove. You will see, the one you’ve removed now gone from your Followers list, and your followers count decrease.

remove follower in instagram in android and iphone

You can do this in Android and iPhone. Removing Instagram followers is easy, right?

How about doing that in PC and mobile browser?

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How to Delete Instagram Followers in Web

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a possible way for you to remove Instagram follower on the web. Doing so only available in the mobile app. It is not available in mobile browser or PC browser.

remove instagram follower fast

You will see that in your Instagram Followers list, you don’t see the kebab button at the right side of each follower. There’s only option to follow them back.

But, if you want another alternative other than deleting Instagram followers, here are:

How to Hide Story from Someone in Instagram Instead of Deleting Follower

Instead of deleting them from your Follower list, you can just hide your story from them. This means, they can’t see your future story anymore. Your privacy will be more secured and there’s no need to delete followers or even block them.

Instagram provide this feature on your profile page. If you want to do this in bulk, you can’t, but you can do it for one follower at one time. This is a little harder than the first method on actually deleting Instagram followers.

To do this, open your Instagram app. Login to your account.

Tap your followers list. Tap the username of the person you want to hide your story from.

how to delete instagram followers faster

Now, tap the kebab button at the top-right, then then tap Hide Your Story. This will hide your story from that person so you don’t have to worry about your privacy being violated.

instagram profile interface

Instagram will ask you for confirmation. Tap Hide.

hide story from in instagram

If you feel secure about doing this, there’s no need to delete Instagram followers. They won’t see any photos, videos, or live videos you add to your story.

If you want to unhide, you can do that any time.

Instead of Removing Followers in Instagram, How About Restricting Them?

You can use another method to protect your privacy from someone else in Instagram. You can restrict other Instagram users without even unfollow, remove them from your follower, or even block them.

If you want to stop receiving their message, prevent other from seeing that person’s comment on your post, and more, this method is the solution instead of removing followers, which is quite explicit.

To do this, just open Instagram app. Login to your account. Now, go to your profile. Tap Followers. Tap the person you want to restrict.

instagram profile

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Tap the kebab button. Tap the Restrict button to restrict them from your Instagram account.

restrict instagram account

Instagram will ask for confirmation. Tap Restrict Account.

restrict instead of removing follower

That’s it. Now you’ve done restricting account instead of deleting Instagram followers.

If You Want to Prevent Them from Contacting You, Seeing You in Instagram Totally, You Can Block Them Instead of Removing Followers

This is the final method you can do to handle fake follower especially follower you have problem with in Instagram. This will block them from seeing your post, your story, and even your profile picture instead of removing followers in Instagram.

If you have someone who keep following you even after you remove them as your follower, this method is probably the only way you can do to prevent them following you again.

To do this, open Instagram. Go to your profile.

Tap the Followers list, then tap the person you want to block.

instagram follower list interface

Now, tap the kebab button at the top. Tap Block.

block someone in instagram instead of removing them as follower

Tap the Block button to finally get rid of fake followers.

how to remove instagram follower

How to Delete Instagram Followers Fast (Probably Work)

If you’re tired removing each person on the Followers list one at a time, you probably can use this method. However, this method is out-dated and probably doesn’t work anymore.

The last time was the Cleaner for Instagram, which has 2 star-rating and has bad reviews. This is not recommended, but if you really want to try, you can download the app from the link below:

Download Cleaner for Instagram (Android)

Download Cleaner for Instagram (iPhone)

Instagram primarily provide a simple way for you to delete followers, especially the fake ones. If you want to move further, you can hide your story or restrict them from your account. If you want to get rid of those followers totally, you can block them.

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