How to Repost an Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In

Instagram has a story feature that lets you share your pictures or videos with your followers for 24 hours. It also lets you tag someone else and you can be tagged in someone else’s Instagram stories. It also lets you share a story you’re tagged in. For a story that you’re not tagged in, it can be tricky to repost.

This post will help you to repost an Instagram story you’re not tagged in. You can technically still repost something on Instagram in any other way than being tagged in and in any other way than a story. Although the feature seems to be self-explanatory, you might still wonder how to repost a story without being tagged in.

Can you repost an Instagram story without being tagged in?

The answer is you can’t. But, you can still repost it as a video or screenshot of the story, although that might not be appropriate. Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to repost or share someone else’s story if you’re not tagged in. You can learn more to do so by continue reading this post.

What you’ll need for you to be able to repost an Instagram story

Instagram made it possible for you to repost a story from a public account that you’re tagged in, just like viewing stories anonymously, but it doesn’t from a private account you’re not tagged in.

Here are what you need to share or repost an Instagram story:

  • You have to be tagged in
  • You allow others to tag you in their stories (more on this later)

Why can’t you repost a story you’re not tagged in?

This is likely caused by the Instagram policy around privacy. The same one protects you from being reposted because you don’t tag the unwanted person on that particular Instagram story.

The other reason you can’t do that is Instagram is probably trying to engage more close interactions from one person to another while at the same time preventing spam users from reposting stories from a random Instagram account they aren’t close with, which is why you can still repost or share a post you’re not tagged/mentioned in.

How reposting works on Instagram stories

When you tagged someone in your story, Instagram will notify that person whether they want to add the story to theirs. You will then receive that notification in your Instagram direct message. You can click “Add to your story” to repost that story you’re tagged in.

What to do if you can’t repost a story you’re not tagged in

The alternative you can do instead of reposting is sharing. You can share someone else’s Instagram story even if you’re not tagged in, through the link. You can do that by opening up the story, then tapping the kebab button at the bottom of your screen. Tap Copy link.

Although you’re not required to be tagged in the story, this still requires the account whose story you want to share to become a public account instead of a private account. But it’s still beneficial if you just want to put the link to the story.

How to let others to repost your Instagram story

Instagram allows you to tag or mention someone in your story by using text. The text feature can be accessed by single-tapping the story you’re making, or by tapping the “Aa” button which is located at the top of your screen.

Open the Instagram app. Select the + button. Select Story.

click the story button

Click the video or picture you want to upload as a story.

add to story

Now, tap the text button at the top to add a text. The text feature on an Instagram story allows not just regular text but also mention.

adding a text

Begin typing someone’s username after “@”. The person’s profile picture will show at the bottom. Tap the profile picture to mention the person quickly. Ensure you set the toggle on for the option that says “Let people you mention create with this or share it?”

tagging someone on an instagram story

Click the button to send or upload the story.

creating an instagram story that tags someone else

Once you shared or published the story, Instagram will notify the person you’re tagging in the notification or DM. They can open the direct message, and see a notification that says “Mentioned you in a story”.

"mentioned you in a story" notification on instagram

Then, they can add the story or repost the story to theirs.

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How to repost an Instagram story you’re tagged in

If you’re the one who receives the mention and you want to repost an Instagram story you’re tagged in, you open your DM and tap the conversation with a notification that says “Mentioned you in a story”.

"mentioned you in a story" notification on instagram

You can tap Add to your story to repost the story.

add to your story on instagram

You’ll see that someone’s story inside yours. You can add more text or stickers or anything to the reposted story. Select the button to send or repost that story.

an example of reposting a story that you're tagged in

That’s how you repost a story you’re tagged in. How would you do it without being tagged in?

How to repost an Instagram story you’re not tagged in

Instagram doesn’t allow people to repost someone else’s story you’re not tagged in. However, you can still “repost” by uploading a video or a screenshot of that story as yours.

Remember, this might not be appropriate for the owner of the story, and you have to ask for their consent to do this. You might also risk your Instagram account being reported if you happen to violate the Instagram policy, for example, if the owner’s account is private.

Recording the screen

How do you record the screen? You can use a screen recorder on your iPhone or Android. iPhone has its own screen recorder which can be helpful. You can also use one of the best screen recorders for Android you can find on the Play Store.

use a screen recorder to repost an instagram story you're not tagged in

Now that you have downloaded and installed the app, you can open it and set up the app by following the instruction. When you’re ready, you can open the story, then start recording.

You might get asked to allow permission for the app to manage your files and record audio.

Wait until you want to stop the recording. Click the stop button if you want to stop recording.

Ensure the recording is saved. You can now repost the story you’re not tagged in by uploading it to your story.

To upload it, tap your profile picture. Select your video which is the story you have recorded. Tap Send to. Tap Share.

Taking the screenshot of the story

Instagram also doesn’t allow you to repost story pictures you’re not tagged in. But, there’s a workaround for this.

You can screenshot the story, then repost the story by uploading the screenshot to your story.

screenshot an instagram story

How do you take a screenshot? You can use a built-in screenshot tool on your Android phone and iPhone. You can also use the best screenshot apps for Android that are free to download from Play Store.

Once you have taken the screenshot of the story, upload it by tapping your profile picture. Choose the screenshot, and then tap Send to button. Tap Share.

Instagram doesn’t directly allow people to repost Instagram stories they’re not tagged in. However, there is still something you can do about it.

You can do the alternatives that can technically still be regarded as “repost” but indirectly: by recording or taking a screenshot of the story and uploading it as yours. Remember to ask for consent.

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