Here’s How to Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In (Android & iPhone)

how to repost instagram story you're not tagged in

Instagram has a lot of easy-to-use features. But the one thing that can confuse people’s minds is a share or repost feature that allows you to repost something, especially a story. But, it needs you to be tagged there. Here’s how to repost an Instagram story you’re not tagged in.

Even though you can repost something on Instagram in any other way than a story, it’s still tempting to know how you can do that on Instagram.

You see, Instagram made it possible for you to repost a story from a public account that you’re tagged in, but it doesn’t from a private account you’re not tagged in. This simply is caused by the fact that Instagram protects privacy more than anything else.

The other reason you can’t do that is Instagram is trying to engage more close interactions from one person to another while at the same time prevent spam users from reposting stories from a random Instagram account they aren’t close with.

When you tagged someone in your story, Instagram will notify that person whether they want to add the story to theirs. Those are the only choices. In other words, Instagram limits reposting stories only for tagged people in purpose because the feature only allows them to repost — there are no other activities here.

The alternative you can do instead of reposting is sharing. You can share someone else’s Instagram story even if you’re not tagged in, through the link. You can do that by opening up the story, then tap the kebab button at the bottom of your screen. Tap Copy link.

However, this still requires the account whose story you want to share to become a public account instead of a private account. But hey, at least you’re not required to be tagged in the story first!

Here’s the original method to repost someone else story:

How to Repost Someone Else’s Story on Instagram You’re Tagged In

Instagram allows you to tag or mention someone in your story by using text. The text feature can be accessed by single-tapping the story you’re making, or by tapping the “Aa” button which is located at the top of your screen.

Begin typing someone’s username after “@”.

tagging other instagram users

Once you shared or published the story, Instagram will notify the person you’re tagging in the notification or DM. They can tap Mentions1 story mentions you notification that will show the story they’re tagged in.

Then, they can add the story or repost the story to theirs instantly by tapping Add This to Your Story.

tagged notifications

Now, they can edit the rest of the story as much as they would like. They can tap Send to button, then repost the story they’re tagged in by tapping Share.

sharing an instagram story

That is the original method to repost someone else’s story you’re tagged in.

The real question is: can you repost a story without being tagged in?

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How to Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In

You see, Instagram really doesn’t allow people to repost someone else’s story you’re not tagged in. There’s nothing that can help you other than recording the story, and then upload the result to your own story. In other words, you repost a story you’re not tagged in indirectly.

How do you record the screen? Well, you can use a screen recorder on your iPhone or Android. iPhone has its own screen recorder which is amazing. But, you can use one of the best screen recorders for Android called XRecorder.

Download XRecorder on Play Store

Now that you have downloaded and installed the app, you can open it and set up the app by following the instruction. Once you’re ready, you can open the story, then tap the floating icon of the recorder app.

screen recorder

Next, to record the Instagram story, you can tap the record button. Allow permission to record audio too.

recording an instagram story

You can then wait you want to stop the recording.  To stop, just tap the squire button.

The recording of the Instagram story has been saved.

But, this is not done yet. You have to repost the story you’re not tagged in by uploading it to your story.

To upload it, tap your profile picture. Select your video which is the story you’ve recorded. Tap Send to. Tap Share.

How to Repost Instagram Story (Picture) You’re Not Tagged In

Instagram also doesn’t allow you to repost story pictures you’re not tagged in. But, this is really easy to solve.

You can screenshot the story, then repost the story by uploading the screenshot to your story.

How do you take a screenshot? You can use a built-in screenshot tool on your Android phone and iPhone. You can also use the best screenshot apps for Android that are free to download from Play Store.

Once you have taken the screenshot of the story, upload it by tapping your profile picture. Choose the screenshot, and then tap Send to button. Tap Share.

Instagram mainly doesn’t allow people to repost Instagram stories they’re not tagged in. However, there is still something you can do about it. You can do the alternatives that can still be regarded as “repost” but indirectly: by recording the story and uploading it to yours.

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