6 Easiest Ways on How to Repost Instagram Video, Photo, & Story (2021)

how to repost a instagram video

Instagram has share feature, which is intended to “repost” any contents in Instagram. However, reposting in Instagram is limited at some point and you probably confused. Here’s how to repost Instagram video, photo, and story in Android and iPhone.

Instagram mainly has its own features to repost. However, you can’t just repost video on Instagram in a way that doesn’t respect the original poster. Instagram only allow users to view the content in the original account or their approval. That’s why when you share someone else’s Instagram story, you’ve to be tagged in first.

As a popular social media app, Instagram obviously want users to post something original. Something each users made. Not reposting video or picture from someone else’s.

However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to repost. There are still something you can do about it.

How to Repost Instagram Video/Picture Post to Your Story

The first and the easiest repost method in Instagram you can do is reposting video or picture post to your story. This means you’re sharing the post in the story and people who see your story need to click the post in order to see it.

To do this, just open Instagram app. Open the post you want to repost to story. You can repost either picture or video post. It doesn’t matter. Now tap the airplane icon then tap Add post to your story.

how to repost a instagram video

You will see the post has been putted in your Instagram story. To repost the picture or video post, you can tap the Send to button then choose Share on “Your Story”.

how to repost instagram story you're not tagged in

That’s it. It is really easy to repost Instagram photo or video post to your own story.

How about reposting story to your story?

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How to Repost Instagram Video/Picture Story to Your Story

This is getting a little more difficult. But it’s fine. It doesn’t take long time to understand reposting Instagram video or picture story to your story.

There are something you require if you want to repost Instagram story as your story:

  • You’ve to be tagged in the story
  • The account you repost from has to be public account, not private account

The tag looks like this:

how to repost instagram story to your story

You lack one of the above, you can’t repost Instagram story to story. I’m sorry.

You got both? Let’s do this.

Once you got mentioned or tagged in the story, you can see the story in the notifications. Tap the story to open it. Now, tap Add This to Your Story to repost the video or picture story to your story.

how to repost instagram story you're not tagged in

Now, to repost the story, tap Send to. Choose Share to publish the Instagram story.

tagged instagram story

How to Repost Instagram Story You’re Not Tagged In

Now, you might be thinking, is it really possible to repost Instagram story you’re not tagged in? Well, the answer is no. But, you can record which is reposting but not in appropriate way.

I say inappropriate because Instagram doesn’t allow random person visiting public account to share that account’s story to yours. Without getting tagged in or mentioned in, reposting story by recording isn’t really nice.

However, if you do really need to record to repost Instagram story you’re not tagged in, for meme or funny purpose, that’s fine. You can also do this if you just want to get evidence of someone doing something criminal in Instagram story.

To do this, you need a recorder app. The latest Android phone (and also iPhone) has its own recorder app, built-in so you don’t have to install the third-party app. But, sometimes recording with built-in app just isn’t enough.

Download Screen Recorder on Play Store

While this tutorial explain the method that can be applied for Android and iPhone, I will use Android as primary example. You can use iPhone’s built-in recorder app to record and finally repost Instagram story.

Open the recorder app. Follow the instruction until you’re ready to record. Open the story you want to record and repost, tap the floating button to open the app’s menu.

repost instagram story you're not tagged in

Now, tap the red icon button to record. Tap Allow to record the story with audio.

record instagram story

You can then just wait until you want to stop the recording. Tap the square button to stop the recording.

stop recording

That’s it. Now the video is saved in your phone’s internal memory. You can now repost the video in your Instagram story by uploading it. If you record longer story, you can post longer video on Instagram by splitting it.

instagram story repost saved

If you want to repost Instagram story to your story which contains only picture, you can just take screenshot of the story and upload it.

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How to Repost Instagram Picture Post as Post

Now, this is what most people means when they want to repost something on Instagram. It means reposting the post as post. Either video or picture post, you can repost both by just using one app. That’s great, right?

In Android, you can use Reposta to do this. In iPhone, you can use Repost for Instagram app.

repost instagram story

Alright. Open the app while at the same time you copy the post link you want to repost as post. Tap the kebab button, tap Copy link.

repost instagram post picture

Paste the link the app. Tap Preview to see the repost preview. Tap Repost if you want to repost to Instagram right now.

repost using android and iphone apps

Now, tap Feed when there’s “Share to” pop up showing up. Tap the next (arrow pointing right) at the top.

share to instagram feed

Tap Next. Then enter the caption that was automatically copied by the repost app. Tap Share to repost the Instagram post as your post.

instagram caption repost

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How to Repost Instagram Video Post as Post

You might be thinking, is reposting Instagram video post possible using repost app? Yes, it is actually possible using the same app. You don’t have to manually download the video and write the caption manually.

You can use Reposta on Android. Tap the kebab button and tap Copy link to get the post link.

repost instagram video to post

Then, paste the link simply in the repost app. Tap Preview. Tap Repost.

repost video using apps

Tap Feed to repost as Instagram post. Tap Next button.

share to instagram feed

Tap Next button again. Paste the caption that was automatically copied by the repost app. Tap Share to repost the Instagram video as your post.

instagram repost video caption

How to Repost Your Instagram Story as Post

Alright. Besides reposting someone else’s story, video, or picture, you might be thinking whether you can repost your own story as post.

Yes, you can.

To do this, just simply open the story. Tap the kebab button at the bottom of your screen. Tap Share as Post. You will then tap Next button just like when you posting a picture or video in your Instagram feed.

share instagram repost video

Tap Next. Enter the caption. Tap Share to repost.

enter caption for repost video

Despite Instagram’s lack of features you can still repost something the way you probably didn’t expect before. While reposting something on Instagram, be sure to mention the original poster so your account won’t get reported because of copyright violation.

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