How To Reset Vizio TV With/Without Remote

If you have problems with your Vizio TV, there’s still hope to fix it. Here’s how to reset Vizio TV to potentially fix your problems.

how to reset vizio tv

Smart TV allows you to get more entertainment but it has its own problems. Here’s how to reset Vizio TV with or without a remote to solve your smart TV problems.

Vizio TV is one of the popular smart TVs out there, enabling you access to many entertainment and streaming choices just like other smart TVs, like watching Netflix. But some people experience problems, like the “SmartCast TV Not Available” message.

There are problems like Vizio TV that won’t turn on, showing a black screen, and others that may or may not be able to be fixed the same way. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

You can try to reset Vizio TV to solve its problems, which hopefully works.

How to reset Vizio TV

Keep in mind that resetting Vizio TV will delete the entire data or information you’ve entered or set to the smart TV and every setting you’ve changed will be set to its default state.

To reset Vizio TV, you can do so with or without a remote.

With a remote

First, go to the Menu. You can press the button from the remote.

Simply go to the System by highlighting its option through the arrow buttons on the remote. Select OK.

Select Reset & Admin. Select OK.

On your screen, select Reset TV to Factory Defaults. Select OK on your remote.

You can enter 0000 as a password.

Select Reset and then OK on the remote.

Your Vizio smart TV will turn off on itself and then restart.

The last thing you will see is the setup process after the automatic restart. You’ve reset Vizio TV.

Without a remote

You can reset your Vizio smart TV without a remote. Simply press the volume down and input button at the same time and hold it for 15 seconds.

There will be a message saying that you have to press the input button. Press and hold the button and the TV will be reset.

Vizio TV has easy ways to be reset, which hopefully will solve your Vizio smart TV problems. If it doesn’t solve your problems, let us know in the comment.

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