How to Round in Google Sheets in 3 Ways

Sometimes to make your numbers less stressful, you need to round them. Here’s how to round in Google Sheets in three ways.

mround in google sheets

When managing your spreadsheet, seeing a lot of decimal can be quite a headache. Here’s how to round in Google Sheets so your stress can be relieved seeing simpler numbers while keeping your calculations accurate.

Rounding is simply making your numbers easier to read and keeping the value as close to the original as possible. For example, you can round 99 to 100, 90.8 to 91, etc. The number of digits that makes the difference between rounded and the original is called “place”.

You can round a number in any place you want using a certain formula in Google Sheets. You can either round up or round down or round to the nearest number you want automatically.

How to round in Google Sheets: the basic

The basic formula to round is simple:


Simply put the value you want to round and the decimal place you’re going to round to. For example, if the value was 90.777 and the place was 1, the result would be 90.8.

If the place was 2, the result would be 90.78. The higher the place value, the more decimal you would see. The more “negative” or lower the place value, the easier your number to read.

But, what decides the number be increased or decreased when rounding? What decides 90.777 to become 90.8 instead of 90.7?

In the ROUND function, the rounding will follow the basic rounding rule in math: it will change the number to the closest number it can get.

For example, 90.777 becomes 90.8 because 7 is closer to 10. If the value was 90.444, it would be 90.4 instead of 90.5 since 4 is closer to 0 than it is to 10.

But, what if you need to decide on your own whether the number should be increased or decreased? How to intentionally round 90.777 to 90.7?

You can do that by using either the ROUNDUP or ROUNDDOWN function, depending on whether you want the number to go up or down.

How to round up in Google Sheets

In essence, the ROUNDUP works by rounding the number incrementally, and ROUNDDOWN works by rounding the number downward.


The formula is similar. Only the result will be different. Just like usual, you can use the cell reference instead of the number itself to round numbers in Google Sheets.

In this example, you’re seeing the function applied to the F2 cell. It would round E2 with its determined decimal place. Since it is minus, the number would have less decimal value, and it would become easier to read.

how to round in google sheets

How to round down in Google Sheets

Rounding down numbers works the opposite way. It decreases the value instead of increasing it.


The more positive the number is, the more decimal or harder the number to read. With the place value of 0, it would be 17 instead of 20 (continuing from the previous example of rounding up numbers).

round down in google sheets

And, since it is rounding down and not rounding up, it would be 17 instead of 18.

How to round numbers to the nearest multiple

This one functions differently. How it works is by getting the nearest multiplication result from the original number. It’s more complicated, but it can be useful.

For example, if the original number is 46, the multiple is 7, then the result would be 49, which comes from 7 times 7, and 49 the closest you can get to 46.


How to stop rounding in Google Sheets

To stop rounding in Google Sheets, you can simply remove the formula and change it to the original number’s cell reference instead.

Google Sheets provides an easy calculation method to round numbers by using the formula. You can either round up, round down, or automatically round to the nearest number it can get. Then, use the autofill to round faster.

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