How to Save a Word Document as a JPEG Image

Microsoft Word doesn’t provide a feature to save Word as JPEG. But, there are simple methods. Here’s how to save a Word document as a JPEG image easily!

Microsoft Word, a popular word processing tool has simple methods for users to do almost everything to manage their documents. But, one thing it doesn’t offer is a feature that lets people save Word as JPEG. You may want to create JPEG from Word to make your document easily visible to everyone without having a Word app to open it. Here’s how to save a Word document as a JPEG.

Microsoft Word has many advanced features. But none of them are allowing users to save Word as JPEG, making it a little bit hard for you to share your Word document with others. But, there are some methods that can allow you to convert Word into JPG/JPEG, either directly or indirectly.

How to Save a Word Document as a JPEG/JPG by Converting It to PDF First

If this is your first time using Microsoft Word, you might be wondering, how can I convert Word file to JPG?  Well, as I said earlier, Word doesn’t offer a feature letting you do that directly.

But, there’s good news.

Microsoft Word has a feature that lets you save Word documents as PDFs. This is easily done and can also be applied to make Word documents fillable but not editable. Doing that allows you to convert Word to JPG indirectly by saving the document as PDF first.

Now, you might be wondering about the tool you will be used to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG. Well, one of the most popular is It is a web app that can be opened in all browsers, and this means you can also use it on Windows 10 and Mac.

Let’s convert Word to PDF first!

Now, open the Word document you would like to convert to JPG/JPEG. You can also write the document from a blank page if you want to.

Click the File tab on the ribbon.

how to save a word document as a jpeg

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Now, click Save As. This is a regular method for users to save Word documents in any format, including a PDF which you can convert to JPG/JPEG.

how to convert word into jpg

Now, you can select a quick folder destination to save the Word document. You can click Browse if you want to.

save word as jpeg

Now, you need to select PDF (*.pdf) in Save as type as the Word document’s format. This will let you create JPEG from a Word document that is formatted as PDF. Click Save.

how to make a word document a jpeg

Now, open a new tab in your web browser. Go to and click the Upload Files button.

convert word to pdf then to jpg

Then, select the Word document that has been converted to PDF, which will be converted again to JPG/JPEG format. Click Open.

You will need to wait for a second for the website to upload and convert your Word document to JPG/JPEG image. Once done, click Download All to save the JPG file you created from the Word document.

upload word document to convert to jpg (after convert it to pdf)

That’s it. Now open the ZIP file. You have to extract the zip file, in this tutorial, we’re using Windows 10’s File Explorer to unzip the JPG file created from a Word document. You can learn how to zip files in Windows 10.

open converted word file

Once it has been opened, click Compressed Folder Tools and select Extract all.

extract converted word file

Now, browse for the destination folder you want to save the Word document as JPG in. Click Extract.

extract converted word

That’s it. Now you’ve created JPEG from Word document easily. Each Word document’s page will be a JPEG image. You can finally share the Word document easily as pictures to everyone without the Word app.

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How to Convert Word into JPG by Taking Screenshot

There are more two methods you can use to save Word as JPEG. The first one is by using the Chrome extension to take screenshots a full page. The second is by using PicPick to take screenshots of a Word document by scrolling.

How to Use Chrome Extension

There are many best Chrome extensions you can use to do almost everything you can do to enhance your browsing experience. One of them works to take screenshots of a full page.

Now, go to Word Online. Log in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have it, you create a Microsoft account easily with our guide.

word online login

Now, open the Word document you want to convert to a JPG image.

open document in word online

Here’s what it looks like to open a Word document in Word Online. It has loaded perfectly. Now it’s time to take the screenshot using a Chrome extension.

word online

But first, you have to click Reading View in View tab to make your Word document look better as a JPG picture.

enable reading mode in word online

You can download Screenshot Master: Full Page Capture in Chrome Web Store to create JPEG from a Word document.

full page capture chrome extension

Once you install the extension, you can use it to save Word as JPEG easily by taking a screenshot of it.

However, some users experience that they can’t do it simply because Word doesn’t allow Chrome users to do a script including to take screenshots. This means you can’t save Word as JPEG by this method.

But, there’s good news. You can do that by using PicPick.

How to Use PicPick to Create JPEG from Word

PicPick is one of the most popular screenshot apps you can use on Windows 10 and Mac. You can download it from the link below:

Download PicPick

Now, make sure you’ve installed the app. You can open the System tray, click the PicPick app, and select Screen Capture. Finally, click Scrolling Window to do a scrolling capture. The target window is clear: Microsoft Word app or Word Online in a browser.

use picpick to scroll capture word document as jpg

PicPick will then show a red box showing you the window target, which should be Microsoft Word or Word Online opening your Word document. Click it.

Then, PicPick will be scrolling the window itself and you should not move your mouse or click anything while the scrolling happens. Once done, it will show the PicPick window showing your Word document as a JPG file for editing in the PicPick editor.

Here’s an example of the result:

word document jpg

If you think the above methods are not effective, you can use this method to actually convert Word to JPEG quickly by using a free service.

How to Make a Word Document a JPEG using Free Service, Without Taking Screenshot and Converting to PDF

One of the most popular services is the website. It has a quick method to save Word as JPEG. The only cost is an internet connection.

Open the website in your browser Chrome or any browser you have. Click Upload Files.

convert word to jpg

Now, select the Word document you want to convert into JPG. Click Open.

Then, you need to wait a few seconds for the website to convert your Word document. Once done, click Download All.

download word as jpg

Let’s open the zip file.

open converted word file as jpeg

Click Compressed Folder Tools. Now click Extract all to save a converted Word document as JPG.

extract converted word file as jpeg

Select the folder destination you want to save the Word document in.

save word document jpg

You can see the image result formatted as JPG that is from a Word document.

Microsoft Word unfortunately doesn’t provide a feature to directly and quickly save Word as JPEG. But, these are useful methods to learn and know about if you really need to make a Word document a JPEG so you can share that document with everyone as pictures.

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