How to Save/Copy WhatsApp Stickers from Other User

whatsapp sticker how to copy or save

WhatsApp launched its sticker feature last year, but still many people don’t know anything about WhatsApp sticker. If you happen to find a funny stickers that are sent by other WhatsApp users in your group, you can save it or copy it as yours in easy ways.

If you preferred to make your own WhatsApp stickers, you can. if you preferred to get stickers by downloading from these sources, you can. If you preferred to get stickers by saving or copying stickers from other users, you also can.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to save or copy stickers from other WhatsApp users.

How to Save WhatsApp Stickers Other Sent as Yours

There are many ways you can do save or copy stickers that others sent as yours.

1. Add Stickers to Favorites

First, open WhatsApp app. If you don’t have WhatsApp app yet, you can download it here.

Go to CHATS tab. Now, go to any chat where you can find any random stickers in there that’s sent by others, that you want to save as yours.

how to save whatsapp sticker as favorite

Tap that sticker. When you tap any sticker, you will see the information of that sticker, like the sources of the sticker pack. To save or copy or make that sticker as yours, tap Add to favorites.

how to add stickers to favorites

That’s it. Now, you’ve saved that sticker as yours.  You can send it to other by tapping emoji button, then go to Favorites.

whatsapp sticker how to copy or save

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2. Forward Stickers to Other Directly

Not only can you save or copy stickers from others, you can also forward stickers directly from other users to another one, or to many others right away, as well. Instead of saving or adding it as your favorite, you can do these simple steps to forward that.

Go to CHATS tab. Tap any WhatsApp chat that the user has sent some stickers you might want to forward.

forward sticker

Forwarding stickers are just same as forwarding normal messages. Just tap and hold the sticker, and tap the right arrow button.

forward sticker

Now, choose any contact you would like to send stickers to. Then tap the green button to send the stickers.

save whatsapp sticker

That’s it. Now you’ve copy stickers that others sent by forwarding the messages.

3. Get the Same Sticker Pack as Other WhatsApp User

You can get the same sticker pack by identifying one sticker other WhatsApp user sent. But it’s not 100% accurate because some stickers are just created by a sticker maker app.

By the way, you can also create WhatsApp sticker easily just like others did. So, instead of trying to get others’, you make a new one by yourself.

But, if you’re just curious where those other users got that sticker and how you can get the entire sticker pack, you can continue reading this.

get the entire sticker pack

Tap any sticker you want to get the entire sticker pack from. Then tap View More to see it. When you tap that button, you will see the source of the sticker pack.

It turns out, that sticker I tapped is actually a default WhatsApp sticker that you can get yourself directly from the app. Now, all I need to do is tapping the download button to get it myself.

download entire sticker pack

Some stickers are from Play Store. If you’re lucky, you could get the entire sticker pack by downloading from the Play Store. Just try to identify any interesting or funny WhatsApp stickers.

You can learn on how to copy or save WhatsApp sticker that others sent so you don’t have install third-party stickers. Having a lot of great WhatsApp stickers are fun and can make your connection with the person you’re messaging even further. You can use stickers to flirt, tease, or asking someone out.

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