How to Save/Copy WhatsApp Stickers from Chats (Android/iPhone/Web)

If you happen to find funny stickers that are sent by others WhatsApp users in your group, you can save them or copy them as yours in easy ways.

how to save copy whatsapp stickers from chats on android and iphone

If you happen to find some stickers that are sent by other WhatsApp users in the same group chat or simply sent from another user, you can save them or copy them as yours. This removes the need for manually finding the sticker pack on Play Store, as there are too many WhatsApp stickers that exist.

Getting stickers by saving or copying stickers from chats or group chats is the easiest to obtain the same stickers you want to share with others. More difficult ways will be making your own WhatsApp stickers.

This post will help you learn how to save or copy stickers from chats that are sent by other WhatsApp users, whether it is a group chat or an individual chat, on Android, iPhone, and the web version.

How to save WhatsApp stickers from chats

There are a few methods you can do to save or copy stickers that others sent as yours. You can add stickers to favorites by tapping the sticker and selecting Add to favorites, forwarding the message directly, or downloading the same sticker pack.

You can do this on Android and iPhone.

Add stickers to favorites

First, open the WhatsApp app. If you don’t have the WhatsApp app yet, you can download it here.

Go to the CHATS tab. Go to any chat or conversation where you can find any random sticker in there that is sent by others, that you want to save as yours.

Tap that sticker. When you tap any sticker, you will see the information of that sticker, like the sources of the sticker pack.

whatsapp sticker on chats

To save or copy or make that sticker yours, tap Add to favorites.

add a whatsapp sticker to favorites on android and iphone

You have saved that sticker as yours. You can send it to another by tapping the emoji button, then go to Favorites.

If you wish to remove that sticker, you can delete the WhatsApp sticker.

Forward stickers to others directly on WhatsApp

Not only can you save or copy stickers from chats sent by others, but you can also forward stickers directly from other users to another one, or to many people at once. Instead of saving or adding it as your favorite, you can do these simple steps to forward a message that contains the sticker.

Go to the CHATS tab. Tap any WhatsApp chat that the user has sent some stickers you might want to forward.

Forwarding stickers are just the same as forwarding normal messages. Tap and hold the sticker, and tap the right arrow button. Now, choose any contact you would like to send stickers to. Then tap the green button to send the stickers.

forwarding a whatsapp sticker to another whatsapp user

You have copied stickers from chats that others sent by forwarding the messages. Keep in mind that the recipient will see the message was forwarded instead of directly sent to them.

Get the same sticker pack as other WhatsApp user

You can get the same sticker pack by manually identifying one sticker other WhatsApp users sent. But finding manually takes more time. Thankfully, WhatsApp provides a way to easily identify a sticker pack out of a sticker you received from chats.

This allows you to download the entire sticker pack instead of just adding one as a favorite and gets you to access other stickers that other WhatsApp users have.

Tap any sticker you want to get the entire sticker pack from. Then tap View More to see it. When you tap that button, you will see the source of the sticker pack. Click Download to save the entire sticker pack.

download a whatsapp sticker

Some stickers are from Play Store, and some are directly available on WhatsApp. If stickers are from Play Store or personally created, you might not be able to find them as easily as finding one from WhatsApp.

Saving stickers on WhatsApp Web

You can’t add stickers as favorites on WhatsApp Web. However, you can still view a sticker pack of that sticker to send another sticker from the same sticker pack. You can’t also download sticker packs on WhatsApp Web, but you can save stickers as images.

To view the sticker pack, right-click on the sticker. Select View Pack.

how to save copy whatsapp stickers from chats

Click on the sticker to send it to the other person on WhatsApp.

sticker details on whatsapp web

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Saving WhatsApp stickers as images

WhatsApp allows you to save a sticker as an image file through the WhatsApp Web. Sign in to WhatsApp Web on either a web browser or the app. Right-click the sticker you want to save, and select Copy sticker image.

copy sticker image on whatsapp web

Paste the sticker to any image editing app. You can then save it as an image file in JPG or PNG format.

pasting whatsapp sticker to save as an image on paint

How to access stickers on your phone

If you want to access stickers that you received on WhatsApp chats, you can access your internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Stickers. This is the folder for all stickers received on WhatsApp that you can save for other uses.

Unfortunately, there’s no specific folder for the ones that you saved as favorites, so you might have to look for them one by one and manually filter out the other WhatsApp stickers to get the favorites.

All stickers in this folder are in WEBP files, so you need to convert them to actual image files such as PNG or JPG.

WhatsApp provides a few ways to save stickers from chats that are sent by others. You can also install third-party stickers if you wish to look for one sticker pack when copying or saving from others isn’t enough.

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