How to Save Password in Google Chrome (Windows 11/10 PC, Android, Mac)

There’s nothing more convenient than automatically signing in to a website. Here’s how to save password on Chrome and manage them.

sign in using saved password

Chrome is one of the most popular, most-used web browsers that has gained many users over decades. Mostly known for its fast performance, Chrome has a saved password feature that can save all your password so you don’t have to remember each of them when login into too many different sites. Here’s how to save passwords in Chrome and manage them.

Saving a password makes it easy when you try to sign in to a website. You can make Google Chrome remember all of your passwords and sign in to those websites in just a few clicks through the autofill feature.

Chrome is available across platforms, from Windows 10/11, Android, and Mac. In this tutorial, we’re going to cover everything you can do about passwords in Chrome on Windows 10/11 and Mac.

Using Chrome as the web browser isn’t enough if you don’t use its password manager. Chrome as password manager syncs the passwords with your Google account, which is logged in on your Android device.

Everything you log in to apps/websites you used back then, you can log in again with just one click using the same password manager.

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How to Save Password in Chrome (Manually)

By default, Chrome enables the “offer to save passwords” option to help you remember your password everything you log in to the same websites. But, if you aren’t sure whether the option is enabled, you can go check in password menu.

To do that, just click your profile picture on Chrome. Click the button with the password icon.

how to save password in chrome

Now, you’ll be redirected to this page. If you haven’t enabled the “Offer to save passwords” feature, just enable it (blue button = enabled). You can also enable Auto Sign-in that helps you to automatically login to a website with the same password.

making chrome to remember password

Now, every time you log in to a website, you’ll be notified whether you would like to save a password. You can directly see the username and password to make sure that is your account. Click Save.

manually save password

Once you save the password on Chrome, you will be seeing each username you can choose depending on which account you want to log in to. Clicking each account will automatically fill the password text box with the password tied to the account you click.

sign in using saved password

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can save passwords in Chrome when you’re not asked to save, or actually filling username and password without logging in to the websites. You’ve to log in to the website, get asked by Chrome, and then click Save to save password.

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If You Ever Forgot Your Password and Want to Login to Another Device, Here’s How to View Saved Password in Chrome

You probably forgot what your password is on a website because you just have so many website accounts with many different passwords. You can check and show any password you have saved.

To view the saved password in Chrome, you can go to the password menu by clicking your profile picture on Chrome, and then click the button with the password icon.

how to save password in chrome

Now, you can see the saved password by finding the website first. If it is really hard to find the website or username that is tied to the account, you can just click the search button and type the website/username you want to see the password from.

Then when you find the account, click the eye button to see the saved password.

how to see your saved password

You have to insert your Windows 10/11 PC’s PIN or password to see the password you have saved. Click OK.

entering your windows pin

Now, you can see the saved password in Chrome.

seeing your saved password

That is how you see saved passwords in Chrome.

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If You Accidentally Click “Never”, Here’s How to Remove Website from “Never Saved” List

Sometimes it is just frustrating when you accidentally click the wrong button. If you ever clicked Never when Chrome asked you whether you want to save the password or not on a website, you may want to remove that site from the Never Saved list. You can also use one of the best Chrome extensions to save passwords.

The Never Saved list contains all websites you choose to never save passwords from. This will make you manually type your username and password every time you log in to those websites.

Here’s how to remove a website from the Never Saved list:

Open the password menu from your profile picture on Chrome. Click the button with the password icon.

how to save password in chrome

Now, scroll to the bottom until you see the Never Saved list. To remove a website from this list in Chrome, you’ll just need to click the X button on the right side of the website you want to remove.

saved password list on chrome

Now, you can log in to the website you remove from the Never Saved list, and then click Save once Chrome asks you to save the password.

manually save password

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If You Want to Get Rid of Some Accounts You Don’t Use Anymore, Here’s How to Remove Saved Password in Chrome

You can either remove the saved password all at once or just manually remove the saved password one by one in Chrome.

To do this, open the password manager menu by clicking your profile picture on Chrome, clicking the password button.

how to save password in chrome

Now, you’ll need to click the kebab menu button on the saved password you want to remove.

how to delete password

Click Remove.

delete saved password in chrome

Now, you’ll see a message that says Password deleted with Undo button. If you accidentally remove the wrong account’s saved password and username, just click Undo.

password has been deleted

You can also remove the saved password by the last time you entered it (with a limited time range), or remove all saved passwords at once, from Chrome.

To do this, you have to use a different menu.

Click the kebab menu button on the right side of your profile picture on Chrome. Select History, and then click History.

chrome menu

Now, click Clear browsing data.

delete password on chrome

To remove saved passwords all at once, you can check Passwords and other sign-in data. Select time range All Time. Or, if you want to select a different time range, you can select last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, and last 4 weeks. Click Clear data to remove saved passwords in Chrome.

clear browsing data on chrome

Make sure you only select Password and other sign-in data if you want to remove the saved password only.

If You Want to Save All Passwords You’ve Saved, Here’s How to Export Saved Password in Chrome

Chrome lets you save all passwords in an Excel file. Here’s how to do it.

Open the password menu by clicking your profile picture on Chrome, click the button with the password icon.

how to save password in chrome

Now, you can click the kebab menu button to show more options.

delete saved password

Now, click Export passwords to save all your saved password as an Excel file from Chrome.

how to remove saved password

Now, you’ll have to click the blue button with Export passwords…..

export saved password

Just like seeing a saved password, you have to enter your Windows 10/11 PC’s password/PIN.

how to export saved password

Now, a dialog box pop out. Enter the desired file name, and then click Save.

saving the csv

Now, the saved password has been exported as CVS or Excel file. You can open it using Microsoft Excel.

password has been saved

How to Change Saved Password in Chrome

To change the saved password in Chrome, you’ll have to log in with a different password or username, wait for Chrome to ask you to save the password, and then click the Save button to save a new password or username.

manually save password

Then, you can remove the old password/username by the method we’ve talked about before.

Google Chrome has an amazing feature that is tied to your Android device, from a popular browser you’re using regularly. You can save passwords in Chrome, see the saved password, and remove them using options available in Chrome. You can do the same thing in Android’s Chrome.

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