Here’s How to See What You’ve Liked on Instagram (Android/iPhone)

post you've liked on instagram has been hidden

Instagram has like feature. In 2019, Instagram remove the like count for public, and you might be wondering, how do I see what I’ve liked on Instagram?  Well, Instagram doesn’t provide a simple way to do so. If you want to know more, here’s how to see what you’ve liked on Instagram.

Instagram has simple features that are different than most social media app. You can do a poll on Instagram, and even get Instagram dark mode. But, Instagram doesn’t make it simple for users to see what you’ve liked on Instagram.

Even if you have known the way to see post you’ve liked on Instagram, you won’t be able to do anything else other than just unliking the post. That’s probably the only way to hide what you liked on Instagram.

But, there are more about seeing liked post on Instagram, here they are:

Everything You Need to Know about Seeing What You’ve Liked on Instagram

Instagram Only Allows You to See the Latest 300 Liked Photos and Videos

If you just like something on Instagram recently, like yesterday, you probably can remove the liked post from your liked post list. But, that also depends on your habits when using Instagram.

If you like a post on Instagram a week ago, and you usually like more than 300 Instagram posts a week, you might not be able to see the older post you’ve liked on Instagram. You’re only allowed to see the latest 300 liked posts and unlike them (unless you can find your liked posts manually).

There’s Only “Liked Posts” List, But There’s No Way to See a List of Posts You’ve Commented on Instagram

track instagram post by comment

Instagram, until now, doesn’t offer you a way to see commented posts. You can only see liked Instagram posts through the Liked Posts list, which I will talk about later.

Instagram itself doesn’t allow you to see your activity log easily, let alone tracking commented posts. Instagram only allows iOS users to see their activity and some older Android users. If your Instagram is still new and you use Android, you won’t be able to see your activity log.

However, you can always save post by tapping the save button on the right side of the picture/video. This method allows you to save more time if you want to watch a video later, or just to track comment, or just to save the posts on Instagram.

save post in instagram

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You Can Only See What You’ve Liked on Instagram That Has Been Liked using Instagram Mobile, not Instagram PC/Web

If you use Instagram PC, for instance, direct message someone in PC, while at the same time liking posts, you won’t be able to see those pictures or videos you’ve liked on the web or PC in “liked posts” list.

Instagram doesn’t let you do this because they want to strengthen its users habit using the app on the phone. Instagram doesn’t really function the way it is on the web or PC, for instance, you can’t create Instagram story in PC.

If you want to see liked posts on Instagram that have been liked on PC or web, you’re out of luck. But, you can just manually remember which profile the posts belong to, and then unlike the posts manually.

Here’s How to See What You’ve Liked on Instagram on Android and iOS

Instagram itself provide a Liked Posts list which is located in your Settings page. You can see liked post on Instagram easily and then unlike all liked posts one by one from that list.

Open your Instagram app. Go to your profile. Tap the hamburger bar at the top. Tap Settings at the bottom.

how to see what you've liked on instagram

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To check liked post, just go ahead to Account. Tap Posts You’ve Liked.

instagram account see post you've liked on instagram

Here is the list of the latest 300 your liked Instagram posts. Keep in mind, there’s no way for you to unlike all liked post on Instagram automatically. You’ve to do it manually while checking each liked post by single-tapping it.

get liked post in instagram

How to Hide What You Liked on Instagram

Unfortunately, as we said again, there’s no way to do this. If you meant to hide liked posts from any users, then it is not possible simply because those posts don’t belong to you. If you meant to hide them from your Likes list, then it is really possible.

Now, to unlike liked posts, just tap again the love button. You will see the love button won’t become red anymore. Once you see this, that also literally means you’ve hide post you liked from your Liked Posts list.

how to hide what you liked on instagram by unliking it

Go back again to the list. You will see the post I’ve liked, and unliked again, has been removed from the Likes list.

post you've liked on instagram has been hidden

Instagram is really simple that it doesn’t provide a simple way to find your liked posts and to unlike them automatically. However, you can do above methods to check your liked posts, saving them, or unliking them.

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