How to Enable/Set Cortana in Microsoft Launcher (Complete Guide)

cortana card has been added into microsoft launcher page

If you happen to install Microsoft Launcher for a long time, chances are you probably get intrigued about Cortana, the personal assistant that Microsoft has been made for long time. Cortana has been widely used in Windows 10, and Microsoft put Cortana in its launcher app to get more attention.

Microsoft is entering the Android app market by publishing its Android app in the Play Store. From Microsoft Office suite like Word and PowerPoint, to a simple thing like Microsoft Launcher. The launcher they made is cool, native, smooth, modern, and has most free features than any launcher I’ve ever used. Including Cortana.

But, not all users are tech savvy and know how to enable or set up Cortana in Microsoft Launcher. It just hard to comprehensible for some users, let alone how to use Microsoft Launcher completely and get the most out of it. That’s why we made this article, guiding in detail on how to set up Cortana in the launcher.

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How to Set Up/Enable Cortana in Microsoft Launcher

First, download Microsoft Launcher through Play Store. Install it, and set it up.

Then, once you’ve made some changes, tap and hold your home screen for a second. Tap Launcher Settings.

how to enable and set cortana in microsoft launcher

Now, you will see a lot of options to customize your Microsoft Launcher appearance. To set up or enable Cortana, tap Cortana then choose whatever options you want to enable.

open launcher setting app

You can activate Hey Cortana to make Cortana respons why you say Hey, Cortana!. This costs more battery so make sure you understand about your Android phone specification, especially your battery life.

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enabling cortana

Don’t forget to make sure that Use Cortana for voice input and search checked. Make it to blue. If you disable this, you disable the entire Cortana feature in Microsoft Launcher.

choosing cortana preferences

Microsoft Launcher by default doesn’t show you Cortana card in widget area. You have to manually add it first.

Tap Edit this view. Then tap Cortana. Make sure it is checked.

adding cortana card

Then, Cortana card will show in widget page. You can start using Cortana in Microsoft Launcher now.

cortana card has been added into microsoft launcher page

You can also add Cortana widget into your home screen or any page of the home screen of Microsoft Launcher. Just tap Add widget then choose Cortana by tapping it once. It will show in home screen by default.

adding cortana widget

How to Use Cortana in Microsoft Launcher

Now, let’s talk about how to use Cortana.

To use Cortana in Microsoft Launcher, just tap the Cortana button. Then, it will start listening. Just say something.

how to use cortana in microsoft launcher

For instance, I tell it to open YouTube app. Cortana will open YouTube.

open app using cortana with microsoft launcher

You can also add a task in your to do list through Cortana. Just tell it add task.

creating task in to do list using cortana in microsoft launcher

Now you’ve known how to set up, enable, and use Cortana in Microsoft Launcher. This launcher app doesn’t just provide cool and a lot of features, but also a personal assistant. If you have a feedback, leave it in the comment below.

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