How to Set Nova Launcher as Default Launcher in Android

choosing default launcher manually in settings

Nova Launcher as one of the best Android launcher out there providing a lot of free features. If you happen to use Nova Launcher for long time, chances are you like the app. In this tutorial we’re going to cover how to set Nova Launcher as default launcher in your Android phone.

The one thing about Nova Launcher that is best is that it is fully flexible. It offers options letting you to choose how much rows and columns in home screen, how big the icon size is, what kind of icon pack that you want to use, and more. Nova Launcher become the most popular launcher because of those reasons.

Setting Nova Launcher as your default launcher is not hard. It does quire a little bit of work but it only takes minutes.

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How to Set Nova Launcher as Default Launcher

If you don’t use Nova Launcher, click here to download it.

If you read an article about setting a launcher as default, chances are you are using another launcher right now. Probably System launcher.

Now, move the launcher you want to set up as default. Open the Nova Launcher.

how to set nova launcher as default launcher

To change some settings about Nova Launcher, like setting it as default, you have to visit its launcher setting app. To do that, tap and hold your home screen for a second then tap Settings.

The Nova Settings app will open. Here, you can directly set it as default. Tap Select default launcher.

opening nova launcher settings

Then, your Android phone will pop out a list of launcher you’ve installed. It lets you choose what launcher app you would like to use for long time as default launcher. Before choosing any launcher app, make sure you checked Remember my choice.

choosing nova launcher as default launcher

That’s it. Now once you tap on Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher will reopen. It implies that the launcher is set as default.

But, if you doubt it, accidentally tap the wrong launcher app for instance, you may want to make sure that Nova Launcher is the default.

To do that, go to Settings app of your device. Tap Home screen & Recents.

make sure nova launcher is default one

Then, you will see the name of the default launcher you’ve been chosen. If it turns out that you chosen the wrong one, you can choose the right one from here. Tap Default launcher, tap again the one you want to set as default.

choosing default launcher manually in settings

Now you’ve learn how to set Nova Launcher as default. If you happen to like the launcher app, then it’s great. Not all launchers are made equal and most of them are probably just don’t match with your desire. If Nova Launcher is the best one for you, you won’t be confused again whether you want to use another one or not.

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