How to Set Print Area in Google Sheets in Different Ways

Google Sheets makes it easy for you to control what you see on the printed pages. Here’s how to set print area in Google Sheets on your own.

how to set print area in google sheets

You don’t always have to print the entire part of your spreadsheet, and sometimes you can set which area of it you want to print. Here’s how to set print area in Google Sheets in different ways.

There are many benefits upon printing a specific part of your spreadsheet. You can save more paper, save more inks, do faster printing, save more space so you can see the most important part of your spreadsheet without getting distracted by unnecessary parts of it, and more.

Setting a print area can be done pretty easily, and there are different ways upon doing it. You can select which cells to get printed, showing frozen row headers, set paper sizes, set margin, and set page break to decide where part of your sheet to start and stop printing.

How to set print area in Google Sheets by printing selected cells only

You can select which cells you want to print in Google Sheets, and there’s no need to manually deleting cells you want not to print and leaving the cells you want to keep. No. Just as simple as selecting a range of cells to print, and that’s it.

To do this, simply selecting the range of the cells you want to print.

how to set print area in google sheets

Click Print, which is located below the menu.

print button in google sheets

On the right side, in the Print section, choose Selected cells followed by the range you’ve selected.

selecting a range of cells to print in google sheets

Here, you would see the preview of the sheet you want to print instantly. The print area has been set and everything is now ready to print.

selected cells to be printed in google sheets

To print, click Next.

clicking next to print in google sheets

You can see the preview once the printer is ready or online. You can also save the spreadsheet as PDF by choosing Microsoft Print to PDF on Printer section. Click Print to finally print the spreadsheet with the print area that has been set.

print preview to print a google sheets spreadsheets with print area

How to print with frozen row headers in Google Sheets

If you happen to have complicated data that you need to show the row headers on the printed spreadsheet, you can do so in Google Sheets pretty easily.

Simply click the last cell of the row which the entire rows before it you want to freeze. Freezing rows in Google Sheets isn’t so complicated and takes only a few clicks.

freeze rows to be printed in google sheets

Click View. Select Freeze. Here, select how many rows you want to freeze. Simply choose it. In this example, I choose to freeze six rows to make it available to be seen on every page of the spreadsheet.

up to current rows

There it is, the rows are now frozen and these rows will show up on the printed pages. The print area you can set can be as advanced as this, or even more.

scrolled google sheets

Let’s take a look at the preview settings or preview. Click the print icon to see how it would look like.

print button on google sheets

The rows I’ve frozen now show on all pages, which is what I wanted.

print settings in google sheets

Click Next to print. You can print the usual way. Or, have the previous method of selecting the range of cells to get printed as well.

next button to print

How to set the print area in Google Sheets by customizing the page size, scale, and margins

This might not count upon setting a print area of your spreadsheet, but sometimes it counts when you want to limit how much data you would like to show on the printed page.

On the printer settings of Google Sheets, choose the page size accordingly. The smaller the page you choose, the less the data show on each page that will get printed.

selecting page size in google sheets

On Scale, choose how the page will fit according to your needs. You can set normal, fit to the width (which disregard the height), fit to the height (disregards the width), or simply fit to page itself.

fit to height in google sheets

Here, the margin width. These also influence how much data you will see on the printed page. The narrow you choose, the more data you will see. You can also set it custom.

narrow scale on google sheets

How to set custom page breaks to increase or decrease the print area in Google Sheets

On the printer settings, exactly on the sidebar, click Set custom page breaks to see and change the page breaks. Page breaks control what part of your sheet that will get printed on each page without manually selecting the range of cells like the previous method.

choosing a margin on google sheets

Here, you can drag the blue line anywhere you want. That controls what you will see on each page. The action you do here will influence the entire pages, so do it neatly because you might cut a good part of your spreadsheet in the printed pages.

how to set print area by setting page break in google sheets

Once done, click Confirm breaks.

saving the page break

Here’s what the preview looks like of just one page. You can carefully change the page breaks to set the print area accordingly.

page break preview print area in google sheets

Google Sheets allows you to set the print area accordingly in different ways. You can select the range of the cells, show frozen rows, set your own page breaks, and more.

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