How to Set Up 3 Monitors on Windows 10 (or More)

Some people need more monitors to increase productivity through multitasking. Here’s how to set up 3 monitors on Windows 10 easily.

how to set up 3 monitors on windows 10

Some people find that one display isn’t enough. You can actually use three or more displays at the same time for better productivity. Here’s how to set up 3 monitors on Windows 10 (or any number of monitors).

Monitors are one of the most important parts of your productivity. Having more than one can increase your multitasking ability. You can duplicate or extend the display, switch from one monitor to another easily.

Some might find it confusing to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10. The setup process is actually easy. The difficult part is checking your specification and find the right monitors for you without any compatibility issues.

What to do before setting up monitors

There are things you need to know before buying monitors to set them up on Windows 10:

  • The number of graphic ports you have (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, or DVI). Make sure you get three.
  • The graphic card model. You may not be able to use all graphic ports at the same time for three monitors. Google your graphic card model and find out whether it can be used for three monitors.

If your graphic card model actually doesn’t support those number of monitors, you can buy an extra graphic card that supports three. But make sure you get enough slots on your computer.

There’s a special case for DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport. If you have it, you can use a single DP port for multiple monitors.

How to buy the right additional monitors

Buying the right additional monitors isn’t that hard. But there are things to consider:

  • Size. The bigger the monitor, the less pixel density it has, especially with lower resolution.
  • Resolution. The higher, the better. It determines the detail of pictures you’re going to see.
  • Response times. This determines how fast it changes the color of pixels. The lower, the better it is. It’s good to consider this when you want to use it for gaming or graphic design.
  • Refresh rate. This determines how smooth the graphic is going to play. The higher the hertz (Hz), the better it is.

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How to set up 3 monitors on Windows 10

Depending on how many monitors you want to use, you can switch display mode by pressing the Windows logo and P at the same time. There are different modes:

  • PC screen only: your computer original or main monitor.
  • Duplicate: duplicate the screen on all monitors.
  • Extend: to use multiple displays at the same time.
  • Second screen only: only use the second monitor.

how to set up 3 monitors on windows 10

If you want to use three monitors, simply select Extend.

Now, you need to set up the display on Windows 10’s Settings app.

Open the Settings through the Start menu.


Select System. Select Display. Under Multiple displays, you can click Detect to detect connected monitors or Identify to set the display position. Choose either Portrait or Landscape.

display settings

Select Apply.

Change the Taskbar’s appearance on the three monitors

The Windows 10’s Taskbar can be shown on all monitors, and you can manage how they’re going to be displayed. Simply open the Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.

Under Multiple displays, you can change how the Taskbar appears on multiple monitors.

multiple display

Windows 10 provides a convenient way for you to set up three monitors or more. By simply pressing the Windows logo and P or going to the Settings > System > Display, you can easily customize how your display is going to look on three monitors.

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