How to Set Up Gmail on Outlook 2019, Windows 11/10 Mail, & Android/iPhone

Gmail is as popular as Outlook. But Outlook client app is personally better. Here’s how to set up Gmail on Outlook 2019, Windows 11/10 Mail app, and Android/iPhone.

add gmail on outlook in android and iphone

Gmail is one of the most popular email services globally, and you can read and manage your Gmail emails using the Outlook app. Here’s how to set up Gmail on Outlook 2019 (and previous versions like Outlook 2016 & Outlook 2013), Windows 11/10 Mail app, and Outlook app on Android and iPhone.

Gmail doesn’t really make its own desktop app. But there is some email client software that can sync your Gmail. Outlook is one of the best simply because it’s connected with the rest of Microsoft Office apps, and they have great Android and iPhone apps, too.

Setting up your Gmail on Outlook is easy. If you use 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your Google account, you can still set it up as well. Once you’ve logged in to your Gmail on Outlook, you can then send, read, and manage your emails on the Outlook program/app.

Using Outlook as an email client for Gmail means you don’t have to open up a browser, navigate to, manually enter the username and password (you can also save the password on Chrome). It’s also more convenient than the Gmail app on Android and looks better with its dark mode.

How to Setup Gmail on Outlook 2019 (and Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013)

Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2013 have a similar interface. You can do almost the same method on those three versions. You can also add Gmail on Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007, but with a little different method.

Open the Outlook 2019 app. Click File.

microsoft outlook setup gmail

Click the Info tab. Then choose Add account.

account information on outlook 2019 add gmail account

Now, enter your Gmail email address. Click Connect.

microsoft outlook enter email address gmail

You should see this usual Google login form on your Outlook app. Reenter your email address here. Click Next.

reenter email address gmail on outlook

In case if you don’t see the login form, and instead, it shows “Something went wrong. We weren’t able to set up your Google account with IMAP. You may need to make changes to your Gmail settings,” you can click Retry to try outlook 2019 something went wrong we weren't able to set up your google account with imap

Assuming you’ve entered the Gmail email address, now enter the password. Click Login.

enter gmail password on outlook

Microsoft Outlook will then ask you for your permission whether it can use Gmail on Outlook. Click Allow.

allow outlook to login gmail account

Outlook will then proceed to log in to your Gmail account. It’s saying “Adding (your email). We’re getting things ready”. Just wait for some seconds.

adding gmail account into microsoft outlook 2019

Once done, Outlook will show the “Account successfully added” message. You can add more Gmail accounts, or you can tap Done to close.

gmail account mail successfully added on outlook

Microsoft Outlook will then sync your Gmail account. It will load your incoming emails. You can configure the Gmail account on Outlook by going to the File tab, then choosing Manage account.

sync issues this computer only microsoft outlook syncing gmail emails

Now, you have successfully connected Gmail with Outlook. You can also link other Gmail to Outlook the same way.

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How to Add Gmail to Outlook (Windows 11/10 Mail App)

Windows 10 Mail app is a simpler email client than Microsoft Office’s Outlook. But it’s still based on Outlook. You can Gmail to Windows 10 Mail app with this method, as well as Windows 11 with some slight differences in the interface.

Open the Windows 11/10 Mail app. Click the gear icon.

add gmail to outlook windows 10 mail app

Click Manage accounts.

windows 10 outlook manage accounts

This is where your Gmail accounts will be. Click Add account.

manage accounts gmail

Click Google to log in to Windows 11/10 Mail app with a Gmail account.

add gmail account to windows 10 mail app outlook

Enter your Gmail email. Click Next.

enter gmail email address on windows 10 mail app outlook

Now, enter the password. Click Next.

enter gmail password on windows 10 mail app

Windows 11/10 Mail app will then ask you for permission to sync your Gmail account. Click Allow.

allows windows 10 mail app login with your gmail account

Wait for a second. Once done, you will see the “Your account was set up successfully” message. Click Done.

gmail account was set up successfully

How to Use Gmail on Outlook Android & iPhone

While the Gmail app exists on Android, using it daily doesn’t feel as good as when using the Outlook app. I personally prefer the Outlook app as an email client to using Gmail.

If you haven’t installed the Outlook app, you can download here:

Download Outlook on Play Store

Download Outlook on App Store

To add Gmail, simply tap the home button on the left side of “Inbox”.

outlook android iphone add gmail account

Tap the gear icon at the bottom.

gear icon outlook mobile app

Tap Add account to use Gmail on Outlook.

settings add gmail account on outlook mobile

Now, simply tap Add an email account (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, iCloud).

add gmail on outlook in android and iphone

Tap Add account. Then choose the Google account you want to connect with on Outlook if you’ve connected your own Google account on Android. If you haven’t or simply want to add another account, tap Use another account or directly enter the username and password.

add gmail account. login with gmail account on android

Tap Allow.

allow outlook on android iphone to use your gmail account

Outlook on Android/iPhone will then authenticate with your Google account, accessing your Gmail.

authenticating with google microsoft outlook on android and iphone

Outlook is a great email client app, and it is nice-looking. You can also remove an email account from Outlook easily if you want to remove it.

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