How to Set Up Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator can help secure your login access to any website or service. If you haven’t set it up yet, here’s how to set up Google Authenticator.

move google authenticator to a new phone

Google Authenticator can help secure your login access to any website or service. It’s a 2FA app that allows you to log in only using the 2FA code given by the app. Here’s how to set up Google Authenticator.

You know that two-factor authentication is way safer than an SMS message. That’s why there’s an app like Google Authenticator and it is getting more popular. But if you don’t know how it works, you can learn it in summary here.

How two-factor authentication works

Two-factor authentication is a replacement for SMS verification. The difference is that two-factor authentication using an app like Google Authenticator uses a verification code that only lasts 30 seconds then generates again for every 30 seconds.

Google Authenticator can be used to any serviced or website, as long as the website or service itself supports it. Once you logged in to a website, you have to put the 2FA code generated on the Google Authenticator as soon as possible.

If you don’t like Google Authenticator, you can set up Microsoft Authenticator instead. Google Authenticator

How to set up Google Authenticator (for Google account)

Setting up Google Authenticator is easy. All you have to do is just download and install the app. Then follow the instruction of the service or website that you are going to connect Google Authenticator for, like Lastpass. But this post will talk about setting up Google Authenticator for Google account.

To do this, simply go to the Security section of Google Account page. On Signing in to Google, simply click the 2-Step Verification.

how to setup google authenticator

Then, enter your password to confirm. Click Next.

login to google account

At Authenticator app, click Set up.

authenticator app

Choose which phone you have. Click Next.

using a phone to connect to google authenticator

Now, open your Google Authenticator app, then scan the barcode that shows on your computer screen.

scanning bar-code for google authenticator

To scan, simply click the red + button on Google Authenticator.

google authenticator create an account

Tap Scan a barcode.

scanning a barcode

Then, scan the barcode. Once succeed, you will see a new account on your Google Authenticator app that is followed by your email address.

google authenticator 2fa code

You will need to verify the 2FA. Simply put the 2FA code showing on your Google Authenticator that is followed by your email address. Click Verify.

entering code from google authenticator

If succeed, you will see the “Authenticator on Android” and “Added” message.

authenticator app

To give yourself a sense of relief, you may need to try logging in to your Google account on a new private/incognito tab.

Enter your email address. Click Next.

testing google authenticator

Then enter the password. Click Next.

google authenticator

If you have connected your phone to your Google account or have used another type of verification, you may see this. Click Try another way to test the two-factor authentication on Google Authenticator.

choose to login with google authenticator

Here, simply click Get a verification code from the Google Authenticator app.

using google authenticator to login

Put the 2FA code from the Google Authenticator. Click Next.

entering google authenticator 2fa code

You should’ve successfully logged in to your Google account using the 2FA method. If you don’t, you may enter the code that has expired. Wait for the code to be generated again and put it as soon as it generates.

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