How to Set Up Microsoft Authenticator on Android & iPhone

how to setup microsoft authenticator

You now need a 2FA to replace SMS messages because 2FA is just way safer. One of the best 2FA apps is Microsoft Authenticator, and setting it up is really easy. Here’s how to set up Microsoft Authenticator on Android and iPhone.

If you’re a beginner into 2FA stuff, you may need to know how 2FA works.

How two-factor authentication works

2FA works just like the SMS verification code method does. But the code is on the 2FA app, like Microsoft Authenticator. You can connect any website’s login access to Microsoft Authenticator, including Facebook and Twiter.

When you log in to Facebook, for instance, you will enter the email and password. Once you successfully logged in, Facebook will ask for a two-factor authentication code on Microsoft Launcher, which expires for 30 seconds and generates a new code every 30 seconds.

You can also use Google Authenticator if you prefer it. But Microsoft Authenticator provides almost the same features, or even more because Microsoft Authenticator allows you to back up if you move to a new phone.

How to set up Microsoft Authenticator

First, you obviously need the Microsoft Authenticator app which you can get for free from Play Store or App Store.

Download Microsoft Authenticator on Play Store

Download Microsoft Authenticator on App Store

Download the app and install it.

microsoft authenticator

Open the app. You can simply sign in with Microsoft account. Click Sign in with Microsoft.

set up microsoft authenticator

Enter your email. Click Next.

sign in with microsoft account

Now Microsoft will send you a verification code to your email. Click the Email that is followed with your email address.

verify your identity

You will see the verification code on your inbox.

microsoft team

Enter the verification code. Click Verify.

enter code from email

Now, your Microsoft account has been connected with the Microsoft Authenticator. Your Microsoft account will be used as your backup method if you enable it. Click Got it.

how to setup microsoft authenticator

You’ll see your connected account here.

microsoft authenticator has been set up

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the most popular two-factor authentication apps. It’s easy to use the app, and you can connect any website here as long as the website or service supports you to log in using 2FA code generated on Microsoft Authenticator.

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