How to Set Up Microsoft Teams and Invite Others

microsoft teams loading

Microsoft Teams is getting more popular these days. It replaces Skype for Business and is mainly used among students and organizations. Here’s how to set up Microsoft Teams, signing up for an account, inviting others to your team.

How to Sign Up for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for Windows 10, Linux, and Mac in the desktop version. You can also install it on Android and iPhone from the Play Store or App Store.

Download Microsoft Teams

While this post explains on how to set up Microsoft Teams on the desktop, you can also apply similar methods here if you want to sign up on the mobile app. There’s not much of a difference.

Download Microsoft Teams from the link above. Run the setup file, and it will immediately show you this loading screen.

how to set up microsoft teams

Simply enter the email address of your Microsoft account to sign in. Click Sign in.

how to install microsoft teams

Enter the password of your Microsoft account. Click Sign in.

signing in to microsoft teams

If you see “You’re not on Teams yet, but you can set it up for your organization” message, that means you don’t have a Microsoft Teams account yet. Unlike signing in to other Microsoft services, you have to sign up for Microsoft Teams separately. Click Sign up for Teams.

singing up for microsoft teams

On the web, click Sign up for free.

microsoft teams sign up on microsoft website

Enter the same email address you’ve entered before. Click Next.

entering email

Choose how you want to use Microsoft Teams. Click Next.

teams purpose

Enter the password again. Click Sign in.

enter password

Now enter the details of your Microsoft Teams information. Click Set up Teams.

last few detail

You will immediately see a message on the browser to open the Microsoft Teams app. Click Open Microsoft Teams.

open microsoft teams

If you don’t see anything changes after opening back the Microsoft Teams app, simply sign out and sign in again with the same account.

How to Set Up Microsoft Teams and Invite Others into Your Team

Now that you’ve signed up for an account, click Continue.

signing in

The process might take minutes.

microsoft teams loading

You’ll immediately see this. You can add more people into your team, connect, and work together to achieve your goals.

microsoft teams has been set up

How to Invite Others into Your Microsoft Teams

To invite, simply click Add more people and enter their email address which relates to their Microsoft account. You can invite them as a member or a guest.

how to invite others in microsoft teams

Now click Add.

add person

You can also invite people in other ways, like link invitation or inviting your contacts.

invite in three different ways

Microsoft Teams is a nice solution for people who want to collaborate remotely. You can chat, engage in video calls, send work files, and more using Microsoft Teams.

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