How to Share OneNote Notebook in Windows 10, Android, iPhone, Mac, and OneNote 2016

share onenote in windows 10

OneNote is one of the most popular note-taking apps across all platforms. It is available for free on Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

It also has a tool that lets you share the OneNote page, section, or notebooks easily from the OneNote app in Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows 10. In this article, you’ll how to share a OneNote notebook.

OneNote offers you some options to share OneNote notebook. You can share them anywhere. Including WhatsApp, email as attachments, and more. You can also share OneNote to SharePoint if your company uses it.

OneNote has some ways you can do to share notebooks, including choosing whether other people can edit or only view the notes you’re sharing.

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to share a OneNote notebook easily on all platforms.

How to Share OneNote Notebook in OneNote 2016 (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

OneNote, as we know it, has a desktop standalone app that has been discontinued, which is OneNote 2016. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stop using OneNote 2016, because you will still get security updates to keep your notebook secure.

If you want to get OneNote 2016, you can download it from the link below:

OneNote 2016 has fairly more features compared to the OneNote UWP app in Windows 10, mobile app in Android and iPhone. This means there must be some ways you can share OneNote notebook using OneNote 2016 that can’t be done in any other OneNote version.

So, here’s a list of where you can share the OneNote notebook in OneNote 2016:

  • SharePoint
  • Share notebooks via email
  • Share notebooks using a link
  • Share to meeting
  • Changing notebook that has already been shared

How to Share OneNote via Email in OneNote 2016

Open OneNote 2016 app.

Then, click File. This is the place where options can be seen more, including a way for you to share OneNote notebooks.

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how to share onenote

Now, click Share. You will see four options to share OneNote notebook in OneNote 2016: share with people (your contacts), share with the meeting, move notebook, and get a sharing link.

In this section, you’re going to learn how to share OneNote via email, which can be done by selecting Share with People. which is also one way you can use OneNote effectively.

share onenote to email

Now, you will see some boxes that you can fill with an email address and message invitation.

inserting email to share onenote to

You can write the email address of the person you want to share the OneNote notebook with. You can either write an email address that has already been in your contact, or you can write any email address.

You can share OneNote via email to any email service, from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, and even your own domain.

email enter share onenote

There’s another option. You can choose between Can edit or Can view to let other people edit the notebook you share or only allowed to view the notebook without editing.

You can also write a personal message saying that the other person has been invited to see your OneNote notebooks. You can also decide whether you want to require another person to sign in before accessing your notebook.

share onenote and allow others to view it

Now, the final step is to click the Share button. That is how you share a OneNote notebook via email.

share onenote and allow others to edit it

If you want to remove or change the permission of the other person from accessing your notebook, you can do that by right-clicking the email address under Shared with and click Remove.

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share onenote notebook to email

You can also change permission from Can view to Can edit or vice versa.

revoke sharing onenote notebook to email

Once you’ve sent an email invitation, once you’ve shared your OneNote notebook to their email, they will see these things when they try to open your notebook.

email inbox to open shared onenote notebook

How to Share OneNote Notebook via Link

Just like sharing your OneNote notebook via email, sharing via link also has options that let the other person can view the notebook or can edit the notebook.

To share the OneNote notebook via a link, you have to click File > Share.

Then click Get a sharing link. This is where you will find a way to share OneNote notebook through a link.

The thing that distinguishes between sharing through email and sharing through a link is that you can’t decide which person can view the link. Anyone you share the link with can access your notebook with the same permission unless you give them another link.

Unfortunately, you can only create two links that have two permission: can be viewed and can be edited. This means you can’t create a link for a different person. Basically, a link can be used by anyone, either to view or to edit the notebook behind that link.

To share a OneNote notebook through a link, just click Get a sharing link.

share onenote through a link

Now, click Create a view link to share a link that allows others only to view the notebook. Or, click Create an edit link to allow others not only to view the notebook but also edit it. You can create both kinds of links.

sharing onenote link

Once the link is created, you can copy the link from OneNote 2016. Paste them anywhere.

enabling other to view shared onenote

Now, to disable the link, you can click Disable edit/view link. This means the other person can’t view or edit your notebook anymore once you disable the link.

share onenote page

You can share the OneNote notebook link to WhatsApp. Or share them in an email. That is how you share a OneNote notebook via link.

share onenote link to whatsapp

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How to Share OneNote Notebook as PDF (or Other Format)

OneNote also has a way to share OneNote notebook as a PDF. You can even choose another format, like Word and other OneNote formats.

how to share onenote as pdf

Just click File and then click Export. Now, click what is the thing that you would like to share and export as a PDF. You can choose to share the OneNote page, section, or the whole notebook. Select a format, and then click Export.

share onenote to pdf

Now, choose the folder destination where you would like to save the export file of your OneNote notebook. Click Save once you’re done.

save onenote as pdf

How to Share OneNote Notebook with Meeting

OneNote also allows you to share a notebook with a meeting. To do that, just click Share with meeting.

share onenote to meeting

How to Share OneNote in Android (as PDF and Plain Text)

OneNote in Android amazingly also offers you a way to share notebook pages as PDF or plain text. You can tap at three dots menu at the corner. Then tap Share page.

share onenote in android

Now, tap PDF or Plain text depends on what kind of file format you would like to save as. You can tap Copy to to save it as a PDF.

share onenote as pdf in android

Now, choose the destination folder on where you would like to share the OneNote page to.

pdf has been saved from onenote in android

That’s it. When you open the PDF, it will look exactly like this.

onenote pdf in android

How to Share OneNote in OneNote UWP App Windows 10

OneNote, as we know it, also has a UWP version in Windows 10, that you can download for free from Microsoft Store. The app version can also share the same way just like sharing in OneNote 2016.

To share the OneNote notebook in Windows 10, just click Share.

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how to share onenote in windows 10

Now, just type email addresses you would like to share the OneNote notebook to, and you can also choose either to allow them to edit or view the notebook you’re sharing. Click Share.

share onenote by email in windows 10

In OneNote Windows 10 app, you can also change the permission of people with who you have shared the OneNote notebook.

You can invite them again, change permission to view or edit, or stop sharing. You can also share the link by clicking Send a copy.

revoke sharing onenote through email

OneNote has many features that are useful to manage your notebooks, including sharing OneNote notebook, and you can do that on all platforms: Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows 10, and OneNote 2016.

You can share notebooks as PDF, plain text, other formats, and send them to email.

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