How to Share Screen on Messenger Call

Screen-sharing feature allows you to share your screen activity with your Messenger recipient in real-time. Here's how to share screen on Messenger call.

How to Share Screen on Messenger Call

Facebook recently launched its screen-sharing feature on Messenger.This feature allows you to share your screen activity with your Messenger recipient in real-time.Here's how to share screen on Messenger call. This screen-sharing feature works by sharing your screen activity in real-time so others can see what you do on your phone.

You don't need a third-party screen-sharing app to do this. Does this work like Teamviewer? No.This screen-sharing feature is only controlled by yourself.You can't control someone else's screen as well.

It's just you doing your thing on your phone while others can see it. You can do this both on Android and iOS.You can do this on the PC as well, with any browser, including Chrome.

How to share screen on Messenger call

Messenger provides the screen-sharing feature during the call.This means you will have to call someone and choose the screen-sharing feature. To do this, simply open the chat on Messenger.

Tap the phone icon at the top to call someone. how to share screen on messenger call Allow all permission it needs. share android or iphone screen to another messenger user during call Wait for the call to be picked up by the recipient.Click the phone icon beside the camera icon at the top.On PC, you will see the laptop icon instead. share screen Here on my phone, it asked permission to start capturing my phone screen.

Click Start now.

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messenger will start capturing everything that's displayed on your screen Now the screen-sharing feature is active.You're now sharing what you see on your phone with your friends.You can click Stop to stop sharing-screen.

"Screen Sharing Is On" means that the feature is on. screen sharing is on When the screen-sharing is active, you can do anything on your phone to be shown for your recipient. android phone screen Here's what it would look like on the recipient if they were using a PC.They can also share their PC screen with you. messenger on pc receiving screen sharing from android

Messenger's screen-sharing feature can be useful if you want to help others to fix their phone using your interface as a guide.This can also be done on Skype.
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